Maris Wicks’ Aquaman Collection!

Note: P:R Regular Maris Wicks returns today with an epic runway line-up putting DC’s Arthur Curry in six sets of Aquaman duds. Drawing inspiration from David Bowie to The Life Aquatic, Wicks really immersed herself in the character to come out with these six unique looks. According to the artist, she aimed to do “era-themed approaches” to Aquaman, incorporating pop-culture influence from each era. – Chris A.

Aquaman #1: Probably obvious, but this is basically a Aquaman-themed David Bowie Ziggy Stardust (early 1970s). Here’s a link to a pic and article:

Aquaman #2: Going for a 1930s Rocketeer-esque look. Being aerodynamic translates to being hydrodynamic, right?

Aquaman #3: This would not necessarily be an action outfit, but more along the lines of Atlantian formal-wear. No synthetic fabrics, just all natural kelp (hey, it breathes nicely). I was think waaaaaay old for era, maybe classic Greek.

Aquaman #4: A big jump ahead to 1965: this one is essentially a more modest version of Sean Connery’s wetsuit in Thunderball. You can thank me later for NOT doing a Zardoz-inspired costume.

Aquaman #5: Ok, it’s missing the beanie, but I was thinking of The Life Aquatic’s Team Zissou for this one (sorry, no Glock).

Aqauman #6: Perhaps the most practical, this outfit would be made from the same material as the U.S. Olympic swimteam’s suits. The material reduces drag, and was developed with shark skin in mind (sharks are covered in teeny tiny scale-like structures called dermal denticles which help to make them hydrodynamic). More here:


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  1. I know most of these are meant to be tongue-in-cheek era outfits for Aquaman, but I love the Team Zissou suit simply AS an Aquaman outfit. He’s an amphibian in his own right, he doesn’t need an outfit to make him more hydrodynamic. His outfit wont get him arrested on the street for Indecent Exposure and it wont get in the way when patrolling 75% of the world.

    The Greek inspired one with the barnacle accessories is inspired. Seriously, there were some serious muses going to work for that to be created and the Ziggy Stardust one made me giggle in a good way. None of them are really bad, but these three made me have to get another chair to put my smile in.

  2. I agree, “the Zizou” would be a great regular Aquaman costume. Especially the hair, Aquaman would totally have beach hair all the time.

  3. These are fun. It would be great to have Aquaman show to up to a JL meeting in the Bowie getup just once … would Batman crack a smile or deck him?

  4. I have to agree with most of the others that the Team Zissou outfit actually looks pretty great on Aquaman and could easily work as his usual superhero duds.

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