P:R Redesign: Denis Medri’s 1950s Batman!

Note: In recent Batman stories we’ve seen renditions of how Batman would have appeared in past historical times, but after seeing this submission by Denis Medri I feel like DC missed out on something big time. Hailing from Italy, this artist dreamt up a 1950s greaser Batman that is startling at how great it is. “Greaser Batman” might seem pretty cliche, but seeing Medri’s illustration here it comes off as a no-brainer. And check out that souped up Batmobile! – Chris A.

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  1. I groaned at the sheer corniness of it and fell in love at the same time. I almost want to see the be-sweatered good boy Robin to his Greaser Batman

  2. Oh man, this is a great concept. All I can think of is what the rest of the cast in this Redesign look like. Joker? Alfred? Robin? So awesome. Psychobilly Freakout!

  3. Super dope!! (please explain the American , “dope”, to our Italian friends)

    I agree, I’d love to see the rest of the cast

  4. “Batman, what are you rebelling against?”
    “Whadda ya got?”

    BTW- There has to be a Batman chopper… the motorcycle, not the helicopter.

  5. I want to see him pull that batmobile back into the batgarage, pull that leathery looking mask off, and comb his hair back to perfection.

    I love this and would love to see more characters in this sort of style. Robin, Nightwing, Alfred, maybe even some of the other DC chars. Neat shtuff.

  6. I love when characters are redesigned as if they lived in a different era, and this one’s brilliant. The Batmobile is especially ingenious.
    But it’s funny to think that Batman actually predates the era this design is set for. We all think of superheroes as living in the ‘now’ (unless they specifically don’t) but these characters are a lot older than most of their fans.

    Batman debuted in 1939. He was actually around in the 1950s. He already had a ’50s costume.

    I wait in anticipation for the days decades from now when people will redesign Batman with a retro look as if he lived in the naughties. That’ll be good fun to see.

  7. @BJMcG – based on this concept, decades from now people will redesign Batman as if he lived in the naughties and he’ll either be a ‘hipster’ or a ‘Bro’ (Jersey shore type) … thank God I’ll be dead by then

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  10. I had 1950’s “Greaser” Batman concepts in my head for a better part of almost 20 years.

    Your Bruce Wayne is right on the nail! Bruce would eventually meet Elvis somewhere in the local concert back room. Elvis noticed Bruce’s sideburns, made a note of it and grew it before his next gig.

    Batman costume would be more like b-budge drive-in science fiction films, you know like elastic strips that ran down his arm and legs, more padding around elbows and knees.

    His Alfred was a retired WWI military camp drill bad-ass trainer. He tortured Bruce by flipping him off his bed at 3am every morning.

    His car would be more modified hot rod with extra engines thrown in and double rear tires for serious “high speed drag race” chase shits.

    Oh hell yeah, Batman would use guns if his option don’t favor him against gang of Joker’s Wild Ones.

  11. This reminds me a lot of that rejected Batman movie reboot where, after his parents are murdered, Bruce gets taken in by mechanic “Big Al” and he becomes some sort of street-level slap-dash duck tape version of Batman.

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  15. While an awesome design I think it would be a bit weird for a rich guy in the 1950s to dress like a greaser and fight with a lead pipe and such. Though with a different background, sure.

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