P:R Approved: Andy MacDonald’s X-Men!

Note: The X-Men have always been some of the most relatable heroes in comics, and artist Andy MacDonald took that one step further with this recent redesigns of the team in normal street clothes. Posted over on his blog, these designs bring the color schemes the heroes wear in their uniforms while making them something  normal people could wear. The Gambit and Rogue pieces stand out as especially well-done pieces. – Chris A.

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  1. Except for Scott looking a little TOO covered up, I like. It looks like something people would wear but still calls back everything it needs to for their costumes. I approve

  2. Ahhhhhhh! Hipsters! The X-men are Hipsters! And they’re uncanny! Seriously, the designs are great, but I don’t see Wolverine going in for the Hipster look even if it is with a Southwestern vibe.

  3. Damn, I wanted to be the first to jump in with the first incredibly tedious and predictable “hipsters” comment. Damn.

    I like Storm a lot.

  4. I like them, except Scott’s color scheme needs tweaking. I can’t see him in yellow and purple.

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  6. These drawings are really fun, but I think Cyclops’s cardigan and Gambit’s waistcoat button the wrong way. Men’s clothes have the buttons on the (wearer’s) right-hand side, so the left-hand layer should be outermost.

  7. I really like these (then again, I’m a big fan of ‘normal clothes as costume’ in general. Particularly, I vastly prefer Gambit’s costume to his normal one (though the waistcoat has the buttons on the wrong side) – for some reason, though, I’m getting a Doctor Who vibe from it…

    My one real criticism is Storm’s heels – I think something in a yellow slip-on would go better with that outfit, in my opinion (but that may just be my bias against high heels on superheroes coming though)

  8. These are great!
    Gambit is totally giving off a Jackie Estacado vibe, and it’s really awesome.
    I think for some of them the colours need to be tweaked a bit, though. Wolverine’s jacket, for example, might look better in a brown or tan. And Cyclops would perhaps benefit from a darker shade of blue. I don’t particularly like Cyclops’ waistcoat (or is it a cardigan?) the yellow on top of the yellow shirt doesn’t quite work for me.

  9. Scott’s wearing a cardiagan. Waist coats don’t work that way, really. Didn’t beyonce wear something like Storm’s outfit once?

    Isn’t anyone gonna talk about how nice Rogue looks?

  10. The Storm, and the Gambit are amazing! Storm has historically been willing to show it all, but this is the best of both worlds, sexy not slutty! AMAZING!

  11. This Gambit reminds me of Chuck Austen’s and Esad’s Ribic Ultimate X-Men fill-in issues, but adding his traditional colors. I always like when he loses some of the spandex for more casual clothes, and specially when his hair is let wild.

  12. These are great and Andy is a really underrated artist! Love his style.

    And these are NOT “hipster” X-Men!!! I’m so tired of people applying that word to ANY fashionable or contemporary version/redo of a character. If you want to use the word “hipster”, please research what a real hipster is.

  13. I like Cyclops(nice reference to the WASP-y nature of the first X-Men) and Gambit(a toned down version of his classic costume, but still references the silly patterns). Storm(too young looking) and Rogue(too old looking dispite the shoes) don’t work for me. Logan’s ok, its not too different than his non-costume costume he always wears, but the pattern on the jacket is a nice call-back to his classic costume design.

  14. Scott’s reads too much like a young Professor X, but I really like all of these. Gambit looks great. Put Storm in flats though! :)

  15. I’m SO glad Storm doesn’t have a mohawk in this rendition! Cyclops looks…a little cluttered, though…

  16. Wow! These designs remind me of a time in the 90s when X-Men’s Jubilee ran around in Robin’s colour scheme. Andy McDonald’s designs are really inspiring! Makes me want to cosplay (is that the right word?) real world clothes in the theme of superhero costumes!

  17. I think each character is far too trendy. None of the outfits match the character’s style, at least the style that I’m familiar with. Except Storm, storm is on point. Everyone else looks out of character. Spectactular art though…

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