P:R Redesign: More Of Denis Medri’s 1950’s Gotham!

Note: After reimagining Batman, Nightwing and Robin in the seedy 1950s greaser scene, artist Denis Medri returns to take a look at the rogues of Gotham and more of Batman’s supporting. Catwoman, Joker, Poison Ivy and Bane join Batgirl, James Gordon and Alfred in round out this amazing collection of Rockabilly gothamites. It’s interesting to note that reimagining Catwoman for the 1950s brings her costume full circle, close to her original suit from the 1940s. – Chris A.

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  1. If loving luchadora Bane is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    All the designs are pretty keen and neat-o, but the most inspired reimagining for my money: Alfred the garage mechanic!

  2. Only as wrong as it is to feel all tingly down there when I look at these pictures. Seriously, reimagined Alfred makes me man-giggly

  3. All his stuff so far is pitch-perfect. There’s a wonderful energy to these designs that I would love to see in an actual comic.

    Only thing we’re missing is Harley Quinn in a poodle skirt (with a hyena on it, of course) and a leather jacket.

  4. Major hearts and flowers for Poison Ivy, too. Those glasses…

    Also, in reference to Gordon (who looks like any era’s Commissioner Gordon): I suppose it’s a tribute to him that he’s never out of style, from the 1950s to the present.

  5. The Joker as a carsalesman. Brilliant!

    Everything seems perfect here. In response to Shiner saying that Bane needs pants, I’d say this is the perfect amalgamation of his original luchador inspiration and a 50’s American equivalent, a wrestler’s outfit of the period. These are perfect.

    Lovin’ that Gordon is never out of style.

  6. @theBitterFig, @Stormpuncher: Exactly my thoughts on Gordon. I love that he looks exactly the same — proves he has a timeless style.

  7. Honestly, I didn’t find his greaser batman that compelling on his own, but suddenly with this fleshing out of the caste it feels really intriguing and I suddenly wish there were more…

  8. The Jerry Lee Lewis look fits the Joker very well. And it really is perfect that Jim Gordon looks exactly the same. Bane is great, but I think he would look better without the leather jacket. Although, the jacket really makes those gloves work. The others are all amazing too, as usual. When are we going to see Killer Moth?????

    Just kidding about Killer Moth. I wish I could “like” Dennis’s comment.

  9. I wonder why noone has mentioned Poison Ivy,I totally love her librarian look,i wonder if there is another version “stunning babe trasformation without glasses”

    Of course Catwoman Betty Page is stunning,there is nothing more to say

    I like Joker,even if I would imagine a greaser version of him much like Pee Wee Herman,I don’t know why

    Batgirl matches perfectly with the rest of the Batman family,I just wonder where is her ride.

    I like Alfred too,I would see him more as the boss of Bruce in the officine in this elseworld than as his helper

  10. This series of “re-envisionings” is some of the best stuff I’ve seen in awhile. It’s interesting, consistent, wonderfully period, and intriguing – I want to know more about the takes on these characters.

    It’s hard to pick a “favorite” out of these remakes, but I have to say the Joker is a winner here, I love the period look on him, and the way he has an almost casual goofiness. The idea of him spouting 50’s slang while he engages in some caper with reto-gadgets is the kind of thing that tweaks my geek senses.

  11. He doesn’t even need retro gadgets. The Joker is his most menacing when using modified prank products or simple homebrew stuff given a lethal twist. Take all the stuff he was doing in the 50’s and read it through his Diniverse interpretation, vascilating between harmless goof villain and menacing killer

    The more I look at these, the more I think we need to band together and get this made. It can’t not happen as an ongoing. Let’s make it an all ages title

  12. I’d read this. Seriously. Also, I want more of these! I’d be really curious to see 50’s Harley Queen (She’d probably be chewing bubblegum and wearing one of those silly waitress outfits with the rollerskates).

  13. This is just amazing. I’d LOVE to see THIS as a Elseworlds title or graphic novel. I’d slap a panda with a bamboo ice cream cone for this.

  14. I want to game in this setting! Warm up the dice and dust off the rule books, it’s 1950s Gotham!

  15. Denis: hey Guys,
    THANK U SO MUCH for each comment!
    I’m VERY VERY happy that this idea liked
    I’ll work soon on other Villains
    and Really hope I get the change to make this project“real”
    by the way,
    here is an action figure made byJonnyVu, found it awesome, and I’m really proud of it :) :
    THANK U SO MUCH ALL once again!


  16. thank u once again!
    @Anton : yes!about Harley Quinn,it’s almost exactly what I’m doing! ;)
    actually I’m workin on the Riddler and Harley Quinn..

  17. I love this. Especially Batgirl. I’d LOVE to see this entire series of redesigns as a mini series.

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