All-Ages All-Stars: Alex Mitchell’s Squirrel Girl!

Note: I don’t know what Steve Ditko and Will Murray were thinking when they came up with Squirrel Girl for Marvel, but artist Alex Mitchell has done a rendition of her that brings out a whole new side of Doreen Green. Dreamt up as a would-be animated show Mitchell calls The Awesome Adventures Of The Incredible Squirrel Girl, it shows the junior GLA member working towards a career in the hero business. For a look at her hideout and some secret friends, look after the jump! – Chris A.

14 comments to “All-Ages All-Stars: Alex Mitchell’s Squirrel Girl!”
  1. Heh, I love the dreamy Thor poster.
    Lovely designs, looks perfect for TV, wish the artist had included Doorman, he’s my favorite GLA member.

  2. I didn’t realize Angela Anaconda was Squirrel Girl? LOL

    But seriously, I don’t know if it’s the same without the chipmunk eyes and the Poofy Tail, it almost looks like an entirely different character. But hey, the Teen Titans got popular through a kid friendly revamp, so I’m sure Doreen and the rest of the GLA would get much love with this.

  3. SO. AWESOME. Whenever I question whether or not comics (especially Marvel) get too serious or full of themselves, I remind myself that Squirrel Girl is a thing. And this is a great look for her.

  4. OMG this is freaky… my daughter is obsessed with squirrels – she could so be the voice for this show!!

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