Fan-Art Friday: Lois Lane

Note: Two weeks ago we put out a call for artists to pay tribute to DC”s Lois Lane, and today we show their results. We’re starting things off with P:R regular Yasmin Liang, who turned in this great piece that not only looks like Lois but feels and acts like our Daily Planet reporter. Check below the jump for all of our entries! – Chris A.

Yasmin Liang

Terry Blas

Warren Newsom

Tom Kelly

Tarun Padmakumar

Shaun Riaz

Rachel Moir

Pablo Alcalde Fernandez

Nigel Lowrey

Meghan Murphy

Mark Bello

Jorell Rivera

Javey Villones

Elizabeth Beals

D.C. Stuelpner

Allen Holt

Alex Getts

Christopher Duran

Dane Cyprel

Manuel Aguilera

Sebastian von Buchwald

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  1. Dane, Rachel and Yasmin have the pictures I believe the most. I love this idea of Lois being the person eating take-out because she’s been burning the midnight oil on a story or doing questionable things to get the truth is very much true to the Lois we’ve been presented with over the years. Dane’s image of Lois going where the most hard hitting stories are, armed only with a mic and a bulletproof vest is the Lois I KNOW she is meant to be

    Sebastian’s image of Lois saving Clark is very cute and a nice bit of turnabout.

    Allen And Terry gave us the girl reporter Lois, which I totally want to read, if only because it gives girls another Nancy Drew seeming heroine to aspire to. There is nothing wrong with that.

    Why is Warren’s Lois holding Green K? That has unfortunate implications.

    To everyone who drew Lois as simply a reporter, they’re all beautifully drawn, but they don’t feel like they capture her essence to me. Even so, you should all be proud of your work.

    To everyone who drew Lois in a Super suit NOT saving Clark, I’m sorry but you’re all coming in second to Pablo Fernandez’s image. His image looks like a compilation cover and that makes me smile deep down.

    Don’t take anything I say too seriously, my art has degraded so badly that I can’t bring myself to move past the sketch stage so you’re all doing 1000% better than me

  2. There are so many great pieces on here! There are a ton that are so picture perfect.
    Here are a few of my faves:
    Terry Blas -showing us a quiet moment in young Lois’s life.
    Rachel Moir-So Lois!
    Tarun Padmakumar- I love the humor here.
    Javey Villones-for capturing the feel of Lois from the 80’s movie.
    Elizabeth Beals-So fun and expressive!

  3. Nice submissions, everyone! The results weren’t what I was expecting, with lots of Superwoman versions. I do really enjoy Sebastian von Buchwald’s role-reversal. Though I like seeing the ordinary, hard working, real woman, especially Yasmin Liang’s depiction. So different than your typical art of women in comics.

    Can I suggest doing these more often? Now that school’s out for summer, maybe I’ll have time to participate in the next few!

  4. Terry Blas’ is the best of the lot, though Pablo Fernandez, Tom Kelly and Sebastian von Buchwald all had strong entries as well. It’s interesting that each of those artists did something very different from the others, yet all stayed true to the character.

    A number of the other pieces, on the other hand, show how hard it is to depict the character in an interesting way without either infantilizing or oversexualizing her.

  5. Mike: We plan to do more as the schedule permits, but then again we’re always open for submissions as stated in our guidelines. You don’t have to wait for a contest or a Fan-Art Friday.

  6. Happy to see some of you are enjoying my entry. I almost went with the hard-ass reporter route as well because it’s those qualities (as supposed to just superpowers) that define Lois Lane but when that Quitely cover was posted here, the role reversal thing popped in my head and I just couldn’t go back.

    And I’m almost glad I didn’t because anything I would’ve come up with would’ve probably fallen short of Yasmin’s awesome take on LL.

  7. I think all of these artists did a wonderful job on tackling all of the different personas Lois has been portrayed over the years. I love the duality between Lois being a reporter and also being in the public eye as a reporter. Excellent work to everyone.

    And thank you to everyone who enjoyed my take on Lois. I really enjoy hearing what other people think about my work. Thank you again!

  8. Some brilliant stuff here, I especially like Sebastian, Terry and Yasmin. We need a Lois Lane title so much it hurts.

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  10. One of my favorite Fan-Art Fridays by far. Normally, we see an emphasis placed on what the characters are wearing– understandably and reasonably so, since this is a site dedicated to superhero (re)designs– but I think these pieces showcase Lois’ personality more than anything else, and it’s really paid off. Nice work, everyone!

  11. Wow, there’s a lot of fantastic here. It’s pretty much an honor to be included with the incredible work everyone else sent in.

  12. All of these are awesome!
    I’m very happy to see my work next to all these great ones!

    I hope Fan Art Fridays happen more !
    Thanks Project Rooftop, for such an awesome site!

  13. I have to say that Dane Cyprel’s version of Lois reporting from the Mideast is brilliant and a great way to define the character for new generations. Also, Pablo Alcalde Fernandez’s collection of Lois’s many superheroine aliases is a lot of fun to look at. Great job everyone!

  14. So I do truly love all of these but I have to be honest….I prefer the pictures of Lois active as a a reporter to the Superwoman pictures.

    One of the things I love most about Lois Lane is that she is flawed and human. She is just like us. She doesn’t have the privilege of having physical power so her power must come from within. That really moves me about her.

    As a little girl, I grew up with some rather serious physical ailments. Not life threatening…but I wasn’t physically strong. But I was good in school and I had ambition. So Lois always appealed to me more than someone like Wonder Woman. Because Lois told me that I could use my brain to get ahead. My worth didn’t come from the physical.

    So I will always have a soft spot for Lois as a reporter vs. Lois as a superhero.

    And I think that’s what Clark sees in Lois too. Clark has the physical power. But his passion for Lois is through her heart and soul.

  15. I don’t know why more people haven’t mentioned the DC Stuelpner one, it’s fantastic – hilarious, and well-drawn. I guess Lois’s fashion isn’t super notable there, but the acting and comedy are great!

  16. Kudos to the ones who aren’t wearing high heels and are carrying a notebook/recording device.

    I am a reporter myself and while I have met many female reporters, I have yet to meet any that wear high heels on a regular basis, or even, in fact, nice shoes. You never know when you’re going to end up up to your ankle in questionable water, burned grain or ashes from a destroyed house. And you don’t want to be wearing heels.

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