Project: Rooftop Presents “Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward” Redesign Contest

They’re the first family of comic superheroes, and the first truly nuclear family in history; they’re the Fantastic Four. Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, the F.F. rang in their fiftieth year last year with Reed finally growing into that greying hair he’s always had. In modern comics, the team (and the title) are have been floating in one of the most critically acclaimed runs since the original days of Stan and Jack, and to celebrate the team and their tenure Project: Rooftop is taking them in in our next redesign contest. “Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward” is a Project: Rooftop contest giving artists worldwide the chance to redesign this super-hero family in a friendly competition for honor, recognition and just plain fun.

“The Fantastic Four have been high on our list of heroes to celebrate here at Project: Rooftop for years,” says site co-founder and comics journalist Chris Arrant. “Now seems like the perfect time to honor these four timeless creations and the two men who created them 51 years ago.”

For this ambitious contest (Project: Rooftop’s first team contest), P:R’s staff will be joined by a very special guest to judge the entries: Stuart Immonen, artist of Fear Itself, New Avengers, Nextwave and creator-owned projects such as  Moving Pictures, Shockrockets and Superstar: As Seen On TV. For the Richards & Co., Immonen has illustrated them in runs on both Fantastic Four and Ultimate Fantastic Four. Project: Rooftop has long admired his work and featured critiques of his superhero design on multiple occasions, and Project: Rooftop was in fact launched back on March 14, 2006 with a original redesign of Marvel’s Black Widow Immonen contributed.

Entries for “Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward” should redesign the original four members of the Fantastic Four: Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Girl, the Thing and the Human Torch. Any entries including other characters or missing these four will be discarded. All entries must be received by July 31, 2012 at midnight EST. As usual, check our guidelines, include your name and website, and send your art as an attachment in jpg, png, or gif format to Thanks to Daniel Irizarri for designing our contest logo!

21 comments to “Project: Rooftop Presents “Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward” Redesign Contest”
  1. I’m very excited for this! Kinda disappointed we won’t be able to see the extended cast (Franklin, Valeria, Doom etc), but excited nonetheless.

  2. Wait, redesign the outfits, or the characters themselves? How much leeway do we have?

  3. WOW!
    Very nice contest, definetily will send a redesign!

    Stuart Immonen as the judge! That’s awesome!

    And very cool logo by the way! =)

  4. Cool, I’ll be interested to see what people do with the F4’s more cohesive team look.
    Just try not to take several months with this one, judges.

  5. Awesome! I’ve had a Fantastic Four redesign in my head for years but never really needed it. Should be fun!

  6. I’m all over this. Immonen is one of my long time artistic idols so this is great.

    My only question is, are we redesigning just the costumes and or for example are we able to choose to keep say, the Thing the same and change his outfit, or can we go so far as to change what he would look like in rock form as well?

    Great stuff, many thanks

  7. Sean: You can redesign their visual appearance, from the costumes they wear to to even their skin color. But keep in mind, the idea is to keep it befitting the story and core concept of the character. For instance, Thing’s rocky skin has had three distinct textures over the years — the lumpiness of the beginning, the classic look today, and even a sharp spiky rock look a couple decades back.

  8. The outfits. The visual aesthetic. Just like in previous contest. If you still have questions, review the guidelines and you should get a better understanding of what we’re looking for.

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