P:R Redesign: Jason Cowdrey’s Rhino!

Note: If there’s one thing we don’t get submissions of here at P:R, it’s super villains. And luckily, Jason Cowdrey saves the day with this great rendition of classic Spider-Man foe the Rhino. Cowdrey seems to have taken Rhino down the path of the Road Warrior, with the craggly Rhino-like skin as part of his costume while still leaving parts of his body open. Cowdrey seals it by fixing a pet peeve I’ve always had about Rhino with his horn on top  of his head, now with Cowdrey designing a way for it to be on Rhino’s nose. – Chris A.


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  1. I’ve never had a problem with the placement of Rhino’s horn. That said, Cowdrey knocks it out of the park here! I love the exposed parts, which add a feral element that the original, and especially Ultimate, designs lack. Fantastic work!

    Please do the more of Spidey’s rogues gallery!

  2. I like this… provisionally. I want to hear what the artist has to say about the exposed chest, because that’s a big ol’ bullseye for people to hit. Is he impervious to harm naturally? Is he just never upright to make it a target, always in ramming posture? One of my beefs with girls in revealing suits is how the outfit does nothing to protect the wearer. I would be remiss to not voice the same concerns here just because the wearer is male

  3. Thanks for the comments. Edwin, to address your comment… The idea is that the original suit bonded with Rhino’s Skin, this suit uses nanotech to alter the wearer’s DNA, actually reshaping the wearer to be more “rhino-like.” That’s how the legs are altered and the hands only have two fingers, as well as the movement of the horn to the nose and the altered face structure. As such, it would also cause the exposed skin to take on a higher level of resistance to harm, matching the suit pieces.
    The other idea/approach I thought of was that the suit would have magical origins. The suit would be granted to a defender of the wild in Africa, giving them the power of the Rhino when they wear it, including a level of invulnerability. In this case, the suit was stolen by a poacher and used for nefarious purposes.

  4. This is an intersting redesign,its like a hybrid of a real Rihno and a man.It kind of reminds me of Bane from Batman for some reason.I’d like to see more of his take on the Spidey world.

  5. I always loved Rhino, he’s just a great bad guy. This look is really amazing, don’t mind the exposed skin at all. I had a problem with the mouth/mask thing until I read that it was actually part of him (If I understand Jason correctly) … good stuff here.

    The nagging question is that since he has a lot of actual rhinoceros anatomy, is there a little tail back there?

  6. See, I’m always a fan of more “exposed” flesh on male characters… let’s face it, the vast majority of exposed-flesh female outfits are pointless anyways, so it’s nice for the clothes to be off on the other side as well!

  7. I like it, and the ideas behind it. Either the mystical or the nanotech. The mysitcal one reminds me of Kraven! But I’d say keep the arms exposed, make the chest grey and it’d be perfect. Then again it’s pretty damned close already. Reminds me alot of what was done to Mac Gargan as the Scorpion recently.

  8. You know what? There’s nothing wrong with this design then. If he’s got tough skin and is slightly more feral, rock that bare chest

  9. Really like this a lot, one of my favorite takes on Rhino!

    Might be interesting to see the suit have less seams if it’s bonded at the molecular level, and get the idea across that all his skin is invulnerable.

  10. I also like the treatment of shoulder plates, upper back and horn. Nicely done.

    I think perhaps reducing the coverage of the rest of the armor might make the “torso = target” problem less obvious. Say, for example, shrinking the arm coverage down to short gloves? It also might help to make the coverage ratio more visually obvious by straightening the character’s stance to get rid of the shadowy underside.

    Alternately, leave everything exactly as it is but change the human skin tone slightly to suggest it is also modified and not merely soft pink tissue.

  11. Ah, I see. On the screen of my phone I mistook the mustache for the upper curve of the lip, so it looked like the comic-art shorthand for young girl (big lip no hip).

  12. I’m not a huge fan of the potential origin stories given above (I think I would always prefer the original), but the costume design here is so much better than what he typically wears in the comics. It could still use some tweaking, but I like what I’m seeing. Now I want to go my own version…

  13. I don’t have a problem with exposed skin between parts of the costume (the arms are very cool!), but I’d love to see even a partial chest plate, just because he’s the quintessential ‘Tank.’

  14. Gah, I’ll appear out of the blackness of both time and space to comment on this wonderful piece I missed when it first went up.

    So yeah, I love it — with one small flaw I didn’t see anyone else really notice…the top of his head flows down the spine? I’m not really sure how he moves his head. it almost looks like he’d have to twist his entire torso just to glance to the left/right.

    Anyway, if this was on the cover of a Spiderman comic, I’d buy it. And I haven’t done that in years.

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