P:R Redesign: Toks Solarin’s X-Men!

Note: Another day, another round of X-Men redesigns! This time out, Toks Solarin returns with a militaristic take on Marvel’s merry mutants. The original five are here, strapped, locked and loaded to take on threats to mutantkind. The longtime X-Men fan in me subconsciously posits that this looks like an X-Men team organized by Cable rather than Professor X, but Toks has his own impetus for each character’s design which we’ve shared below. The one that stands out to me most is the Iceman, which follows along with Drake’s recently revitalization in Uncanny X-Force and Wolverine & The X-Men as a more offensive attacker. – Chris A.


When ever I think of Cyclops I always think of Jim Lee’s version so the current version looks weird to me, it’s not bad it just doesn’t feel like cyclops to me. This is what came out when I set about designing my own version of the x-men team leader. Scott seems like the type of guy that would take his role as leader very seriously. The X-Men find themselves fighting for their lives almost daily and as a result I think Scott would study military tactics and deployment and so I made his uniform reflect that. I tried to stick to the blue and yellow colour scheme where I could, I gave him a flak jacket providing protection for his vital organs and made his suit a bit more protection based in general. I gave him a utility belt of sorts as the X teams are often deployed all over the world and the belt gives him the ability to carry medicine, food, water, communications, tracking devices and many more helpful items, which would prove indispensable on missions.

Marvel Girl:

Jean is the communications specialists. Linking the teams minds allows for tactics and intel to be shared instantaneously which gives them a huge tactical advantage in battle. The ability to control minds comes in handy when extracting information from an enemy combatant and the telekinesis is a great offensive weapon. (on a side note, Jean carries steel ball bearings with her so if there is nothing else she can use in battle she can project them like bullets.)


Hank is the Tech officer on the team and with an IQ off the charts there isn’t much he can’t understand or build. He’s also the team member that is most suited to stealth missions. With his augmented abilities (which came at a cost.) there isn’t a place on earth Beast can’t infiltrate. Violence doesn’t come naturally to Hank, but he believes in the x-mens cause and is fully prepared to defend it. Beast will never start a fight but you can be certain he will finish it.


Bobby Drake is the powerhouse of the team. With almost limitless power at his command Iceman is able to fight in many different ways but his favorite is as a giant ice golem, which enables him to go toe to toe with some of the most powerful beings on the planet.


He’s a recon/surveillance specialist and sniper. Warren didn’t like his role in the team when first assigned to him, especially when Scott explained to him that with out learning these skills he was useless to the team. ‘What use is a guy that can fly in a fire fight, you’re not super fast so if you attempted to swoop down and attack some one they would see you a mile off and have plenty of time to shoot you out of the sky, but at as a long distance fighter and the real time intel you can provide us on the ground you would be invaluable to the team’. However once Angel threw him self into training he excelled at every thing and as a result became an indispensable part of Scott’s team. Hank equipped Angel with everything he could need in his role. The head gear provides Angel and the team with Telescopic, night , and thermal visions. enhanced audio and video recording and a multitude of tracking options. The mask can also provide Warren with air if he needs to fly really high to avoid detection. The rifle has stun, kill and explosive options.

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  1. I love this redesign. It is a well thought out and realistic portrayal of otherwise fantastic characters. Bravo.

  2. This is a brilliant redesign. I especially love Solarin’s take on Iceman.

    Of the First Class, Beast was always supposed to be the heavy. But they gave him a scientific mind that belied his outward appearance. A great bit of characterization, but it mutes him as a powerhouse on the battlefield.

    For years and YEARS, we’ve been told that Iceman has limitless potential that he can’t seem to unlock. Although he’s finally starting to explore it a little bit, that revelation coupled with his inability to access his potential also left the character muted.

    Solarin’s design imagines a world where Bobby finally has the skills to match his bravado and creates and overall better team dynamic. It’s clear he put a lot of thought into this (Jean carries ball bearings?! Awesome!) and I really like it a lot.

  3. Without Wolverine, it seems kind of pointless to me. ;) Totally kidding. I really like this take on the X-Men. The explanations all make sense, and that’s key to why these guys are dressed the way that they are. I’d be interested in a graphic novel about this X-team.

  4. It’s a good drawing, and the costumes are decent in a simple way, but they’re just lacking a sort of “pop”. These guys aren’t ambassadors between mutant and humankind. They’re paramilitary troopers going on black ops missions. The thinking is there and I applaud that, but I can’t be comfortable with these X-Men being the public face of mutant-kind

  5. Pardon my language, but I fucking love the idea behind the Iceman redesign. It’s quite incredible. I’m always partial to Cyclops, so I of course love his design. Well done.

  6. X-men by way of S.H.I.E.L.D.!! WHich is awesome. I’m going to make a suggestion/thought that in this world the antiimutant sentiment was a lot stronger and that S.H.I.E.L.D. themselves tepped in to help Xavier train these guys. Theywould be mutant ambassadors, but also soldiers on athe frontline of a war they didn’t start but fully intend to survive.

    Love all the looks and ideas behind them. Bravo!!

  7. I really dig Beast here. He’s never had a costume that I really liked, but I love this. Maybe its the boots. Reminds me of Hellboy (that’d be kind of an awesome team-up).

    I think Iceman and Beast retain a little more of their superhero-y vibe, so they’re my favorites. The rest are cool

    I wish Cyclops’ outfit showed a little more flair. Seems like his uniform always end up being the baseline outfit, with everyone else’s getting modifications based on their powers/personality.

    I wanna know what Jean’s arm tattoo says.

  8. I’ve been saying for years that Angel (and DCs Hawkman) needs a distance/projectile weapon, so I’m happy to see that here.

    Iceman is very cool, I like him as the “strong guy” it’s a great example of re-imagining a character … but I assume his golem form is not exactly ice though, since it’s a solid. Maybe I’m thinking too much on this issue.

    I like a lot that’s going on here, maybe tone down that armor a bit – especially on Angel who needs to be more light weight looking … that’s my only nit pick. Cool and modern take on the original team.

  9. A really tactical approach, i love it. Beast needs to be throwing grenades with his hands and feet! A riot shield for cyclops would be nice. and for nitpicking, angel’s weapon needs to be more back heavy (steyr aug like design with a wing rifle holster) hehe…

  10. Also the whole Iceman thing reminds me of his ultra powerful Age of Apocalypse counterpart, where Iceman was no longer human but pure moisture that he could control. I really like this and would love to see it as a comic!

  11. Outside of Iceman, who looks fairly cool, I don’t see anything even slightly original in these designs. They’re the original X-Men, but wearing generic tactical gear and pouchy belts. Plus Angel has a gun. It’s fine if you like the drawing, but “brilliant redesign,” and so on is just not applicable.

  12. Love the redesign!! Really encouraging Solarin to pursue this idea further! (Or at least redesign more characters so we can let our imaginations run wild a bit!)

  13. Jeremy: Reminds me of Hellboy (that’d be kind of an awesome team-up)

    I automatically thought “BPRD: X-Division” when I was this, It’s excellent!

  14. That take on Iceman is fantastic, but the other characters elicit a resounding “meh”. They’re good drawings, and the rationale for each works, but…they’re just some dudes in flak vests. They’re just not much fun to look at, which is something that often happens when superheroes get military’d up.

  15. BPRD was my first thought, too! And it made me amazingly happy! We need to make that team up happen!

  16. Lovin’ the revolutionary / paramilitary look and to repeat everyone else, redesigning Bobby Drake/Ice Man as the heavy is genius … makes so much sense on so many levels and just looks plain cool.

  17. Everyone seems enamored with the Iceman redesign, but it seems too reminiscent of Armor. I was more intrigued by the idea of Angel as the long range recon / sharpshooter. In general, the team works as a whole, and I would like to read a story about them.

  18. I’m with Toom. The *concept* is appreciated, but the artistic design is lackluster. Yes, Angel should be a recon/sniper soldier type, for example, but so what if he’s dressed in military gear and an big gun? Bleh.

  19. This site is great. I’ve been visiting for a while but felt like posting comments today for some reason. I sent a link to Project Rooftop out to all my friends. And you better be thankful, because that’s like 4 people.

    Anyway, the best redesigns I’ve seen on your site so far are the ones that provide the artist’s insights and ideas. The look of Angel is great, but coupled with the additional details provided he becomes a character I’m interested in reading about and seeing in a comic. Aaron Diaz is another artist you’ve featured who really shines in providing backstories on his characters and it makes his redesigns far better than just having the images on their own.

    Along those lines, I’d love to get Denis Medry’s thoughts on his character redesigns for Spider-man and Bat-man. The images are amazing on their own, but that would really make them come to life.

  20. Joshua: Thanks for the compliments. If the artist provides their insights on the design, we normally include them in the post unless they’re too lengthy — but that’s a rarity.

  21. Amazing. Incredible. Extraodinary. 5/5 practically, 5/5 style 5/5 armor. Love the tactical paramilitary team. Love Cyclops being a cerebral, calculated leader. He could use a helmet though, but other then that this team is excellent! Can’t say enough!

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