Redesign Rewind: Clay Mann’s “Age of X” Redesigns!

Note: Yesterday’s jaunt back to the Days of Future Past reminded me of a more recent alt-reality adventure, Marvel’s Age of X. Artist Clay Mann really made a name for himself with these designs, getting the rare opportunity to redesign virtually every major X-Men (and even a few minor ones). Check out these pin-ups below, then head over to CBR for their exclusive art showing Mann’s character designs. Personally, I think his Thunderbird and Dazzler are my favorites. – Chris A.


Design & Art  by Mann

Character designs by Mann, art by Olivier Coipel

Character designs by Mann, art by Leinil Yu

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  1. I loved the new looks but the bottom two pictures are not drawn by Mann. They are from Oliver Copiel and Lienil Yu.

  2. MANY of these were outright successes. Frenzy, Jubilee, Magneto probably the best of the bunch. Sadly, some didn’t have enough contextual clues to indicate identity. The last three males are rather generic.

    Would’ve loved to have had British Betsy back from this, ah well.

  3. I think the pure white-clad magneto is awesome, and better than any alternate costume he’s been given before. Also, Namor in just-pants was a good happy medium between the speedos and the more modest covered up look he now sports regularly.

  4. I liked the more urban guerrilla designs of the pack, but also that they all fitted on a post-apocalyptic landscape.

  5. I’ve never give to s#!#$ about characters like Unuscion, Hellion, Frenzy and especially Dazzler, but these characters (all of them) were around for only a few short months, but they were so rich and complex! Dazzler and Doug were my total faves! I really appreciate there are more topless men than there are pantless women! Finally fairness in sexual exploitation. FIRST TIME EVER!

  6. Lots of straps, shoulder pads, and shirtless men, but when those three are drawing them, at least they look good. Some of these redesigns I like, but they don’t improve on existing costumes, so I think that’s why it’s hard to really love them.

  7. Hellion’s arm is cool. It’s a prosthetic only a mutant could come up with. Is that Gambit with a sniper rifle? That’s brilliant. I love Rogue in a cloak. Who’s the guy in the bullet helmet? I love Bullet Helmets! The change to colossus’s arms is interesting. Thunderbird looks less stereotypical somehow, and I appreciate that. The general level of people undressed is pretty proportionally split among the genders, which is okay… but what’s with Storm? The hell? Why does she look like Sheena, Queen of the Jungle? That’s really uncomfortable. I’m mildly okay with folks like Jubilee and the lady with wings being in hot pants since the guys are running around shirtless, but that’s both sexually AND culturally insensitive somehow.

  8. I totally like this redesign and i appreciate the fact that they radically changed the look and names of all characters instead than keeping the names and some elements of the costumes like in Age of Apocalypse.
    I like the use of less colorful costumes,as to indicate a more dangerous and adult world.
    My favorites are Magneto(total white is really cool),Basilisk,Psylocke and Gambit

    My only complains are about Legacy(Rogue) and Psylocke,I don’t get why the author kept the original colors of they costumes:black and green for Rogue and purple for Psylocke,while Legacy is called the Reaper I think a total black would be more appropiate

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