P:R Redesign: Scott Ngo’s X-Men!

Note: In superhero comics, it seems teams are always trying to find a balance between a cohesive uniform look for the team with the unique costumes of each individual member. Artist Scott Ngo has taken a quartet of X-Men — Wolverine, Jubilee, Longshot and Dazzler — and outfitted then in a largely two-toned brown-and-yellow look (reminiscent of one of Wolverine’s color schemes) while still giving each character their own individuality. I really appreciate the little things in Ngo’s work like Longshot’s knife pockets and the armored knee/shin guards. – Chris A.

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  1. Love Jubilee’s design. Very stylish and could possibly be worn in public and if I am right the shirt is in the shape of an X similar to Emma’s though not as slutty (no offense to that as I love Quitely’s Emma design)

  2. Dazzler and Longshot are perfect waste down, i like less the minor alterations on Wolvie and Jubilee, the color variation alone would have sufficed.
    I like the skin, but it seems odd with all the armor under the belt…

  3. Awesome Wolverine, great Longshot. Dazzler and Jubilee are off to a wonderful star, but I need a reason to over-protect the legs (the design of which I’m a big fan of), but leave the stomachs vulnerable. Great colors!

  4. There just isn’t enough exposed body hair on Wolverine. He’s a hirsuit fellow, and that large mass of fur is his most identifiable trait. I think designs like this really need to go back to the drawing table and consider how to make Logan’s costumes more functional by revealing the majority of his epidermis.

  5. My only concern is how Dazzler stays in that top (women who AREN’T fighting complain about staying in those things, I can’t imagine a superheroine wouldn’t have even more problems), after that, it’s all aces

  6. Edwin: My only concern is how Dazzler stays in that top (women who AREN’T fighting complain about staying in those things, I can’t imagine a superheroine wouldn’t have even more problems), after that, it’s all aces

    Comic book logic, man. comic book logic.

  7. Designs all look good to me. They certainly match each other and their respective personalities. As far as Wolvie’s hair comment..? Geeze, we can’t see his haircut and he’s just as sleeveless here as his other costumes lol. He’s a fighter and not a stripper

  8. Is Cyclops just not in vogue or something? I’ve seen a thousand re-designs for Wolverine, I’d love to see someone re-design Cyclops a little more. Good art, either way.

  9. Love the Wolvie redesign the best. The piping on Dazzler’s tube top almost looks like a nip slip.

  10. I actually love Jubilee, and I’ve never loved any of her “official” outfits before, so very nice work there. Wolverine looks the same as ever, really, but I’m kind of disappointed by Dazzler. I agree with the other posters who like her outfit from the waist down only. I mean, all you have to do is raise the neckline a LITTLE and maybe give her some thick shoulder straps (no spaghetti straps please!) and she would be far more acceptable. All she has to do is give a little hop and she’d be bouncing out of that bustier and giving everyone an eyeful.

    I can’t say I know anything about Longshot, so I have no comment on his outfit.

  11. Wolverine’s been way more popular than Cyclops for decades. We’ve featured 8 different Cyclops redesign on our site, but he’s not near as popular as Logan.

  12. Here’s where I reveal my ignorance of non-movie X-Men: I’m not sure which one is Jubilee and which one’s Dazzler. :-) But whoever the one up top is, I’m *really* perplexed by the “bare midriff + extra floating belt” look. As for the second woman, I dig the coat, but again: paired with the bra top, it really just draws my attention to the apparent requirement that women show skin.

  13. I like the look, not so much the color scheme but I definitely like the look. I’d love to see more X-men cosutmes designed like this. It’s one part movie/real life inspired, and one part classic look.

  14. These are Aces- I particularly like Wolverine here- love the way that you’ve flipped the colour scheme on the body suit making the ‘slash-mark’ accents gold on black- works really well. Also like Jubilee themeing her outfit on Logan’s- good story logic- and again, flipping her colours a bit so the gold is on the lining inside of the coat (bit like some of Robin’s capes). Agree that Dazzler’s top half could use another pass- but all in all, top work! More please!

  15. Sorry, this is a fail for me. I’m surprised no one else has said the same.

    Longshot is forgettable here. Dazzler is ridiculous in that bustier and superfluous belt. The leg armor makes no sense for her, she’s not a scrapper who’s going to be mixing it up hand to hand.

    Jubilee – ditto Dazzler’s comments. The really short cropped top is offensive in how transparent the motivation for it is, to show more skin on a character that’s always been portrayed as a MINOR, and never a flirty sexpot.

    Wolverine – Ugh, enough Wolverine already. He’s not interesting unless you’re a 14 year old who feels no one understands you, and this “redesign” doesn’t read as a redesign much, it’s so barely different from his usual costumes.

  16. Nice to see Jubilee throwing fireworks again. I like the revision on the coat. Black on the outside with the tan lining. Jubilee’s “classic” look was based on the original Robin suit, but while Robin’s cape has had various redesigns, Jubilee’s coat hasn’t until right here (kind of like Tim Drake’s cape, actually). Not sure about the midriff shirt, though.

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