Redesign Rewind: Best Of Marvel’s Timeslip!

Note: Alternate realities have proven to be a welcome sight in comic book history, and in the late 90s Marvel Comics went alt-reality crazy with a number of jaunts to slightly twisted worlds in various one-shots, miniseries and even ongoing. Today we wanted to focus on Marvel’s Timeslip, a series of pin-ups in Marvel Vision that allowed creators to re-imagine one of the publishers classic characters. Some of the results were forgettable and some even atrocious, but these three below stand the test of time: John Paul Leon’s Doctor Doom, Tommy Lee Edwards’ Black Panther and Matthew Dow Smith’s Captain Britain. – Chris A.

Doctor Doom by John Paul Leon

The Black Panther by Tommy Lee Edwards

Captain Britain by Matthew Dow Smith

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  1. NICE!! I wish we could see the rest again. I’d really like some comics like this. I loved the Noir line. And the 1612 lline was good.

  2. I haven’t read the comic, so perhaps there’s an explanation, but is there a reason that the Captain Britain reimagining makes England synonymous with Britain? They’re not the same thing… Hope it’s not just lazy writing.

  3. 13strong: Yeah, if you read the comic you’ll understand why Captain Britain’s purview encompasses England. Funny though, I don’t hear people complain that Captain America primarily focuses on the U.S. part of America more than the other regions of America.

  4. John: Track down JPL’s work in TheBLVD anthologies; really great work. He also did a great HOWLING COMMANDOS comic for marvel a few years back.

  5. I love Doom, but that armor just looks like he’s thinking “can’t move… armor too heavy!” That said, I wouldn’t have it any other way

  6. Chris A: OK. Britain and America aren’t really analogous in this case though. Britain is a term used to refer collectively to the nations of England, Scotland and Wales. Captain Britain should therefore operate across those three nations. America is a general term, technically, for the Americas.

    A proper analogy would be Britain and the USA. If a US writer used “United States” to refer to only the Southern states, then they probably wouldn’t be too popular!

    (In a nutshell – Scotland and Wales are not in England.)

  7. 13strong: I didn’t say they were analogous. I was simply saying that just as there’s some confusion amongst some of is included in the term Britain, and how the term ‘America’ is sometimes used to refer only to US.A.. i.e. US citizens called Americans while Canadians, Mexicans, and people from South America are not.

  8. Doom is hot to death, but I’m not really feeling the other two, especially Braddock there. That, of course, could be my aversion to unnecessary utility belts and those masks with an opening for hair talking.

  9. why does this Cap Brit only rep. England? What’s so English about him? The colors? Is there a British motif he should be rocking?

  10. I’m not even sure how hair freeing masks work. Seriously, how do they stay on? Also, hair color and style are both identifying features. Why give that away?

  11. Franco did the mask with the open-top in SPIDER-MAN 3, and a number of luchadore wrestlers do it — and do alot of action in it — so it is feasible. As for revealing his identity, Jamie Braddock as Captain Britain doesn’t have a “secret identity”. Much like a majority of the X-Men, the masks aren’t there to protect their identity. And if Superman can have no mask and still keep his secret identity, I think Captain Britain could keep his identity a secret with this.

  12. The Doom and Captain Britain sketches are superb. Doom looks clunky, but also formidable. However, I’m really not feeling the Black Panther revamp. Isn’t Wakanda supposed to be decades ahead of anyone else’s technology? If so, why does T’Challa’s gear all look like it’s hunter-gatherer level?

  13. Digging Victorian Doom. Though he’s kinda missing a pince-nez and a moustache.

    Captain Britain is…just there. It’s a well designed costume, simple colours and good contrast, but it doesn’t quite have the Oomph of the original costume. Feels closer to Union Jack than Captain Britain.

    Two for three, not bad.

    REALLY not digging the “FEAR THE BLACK SAVAGE” vibes from this Black Panther. Seriously. WTF, guys.

  14. Awesome! I saw Leon’s Doctor Doom pic in the comic it was featured in years ago, but wasn’t ever able to find it again. It was imprinted in my mind for good, though. Steampunk von Doom is a comic that needs to be made!

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