P:R Redesign: More of Scott Ngo’s X-Men!

Note: After winning over the P:R fanbase last month with his first X-Men redesigns, artist Scott Ngo returns with more mutant makeovers — this time taking on Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Sunfire and Banshee. I continue to adore Ngo’s ability to have unit cohension in the designs while letting each character have their own unique elements — a hard thing to do, if you’ve read comics. – Chris A.

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  1. Nice looks all around. Colossus being my fav.

    I like the unifying elements of the zipper and belt X that we saw on Ngo’s Wolverine … but it is causing me a headache with Kitty. If she unzips the yellow part, how does she remove the brown part underneath that appears to be a solid to the legs? Oh wait, she is the one character that can just phase into clothes…

  2. For the most part I love this clean style… the costumes are well done, Colossus looks awesome! Banshee’s face looks a little tweeked though and could use some reworking.

  3. Yes to Colossus’s costume — it’s always been difficult for artists to show his cool mutant skin transition when so much of the body is covered by clothing. This is a very reasonable adaptation. The texture of his outfit looks appropriately sturdy as well.

    Neh to Kitty’s outfit — The layered sports-bra and/or jumpsuit combo tweeks something in my brain as being structurally illogical. The black, armless base with high neck is fine; but what’s holding the gold panel (with zipper?) in place, and why is it splitting over her shoulders? Sorry, but that’s a no-go.

    Eh to Sunfire — A nice color/panel layout, but not particularly outstanding. I’ve never liked a full-face mask, so kudos for avoiding that. And likewise for downplaying the Japanese flag elements. I do appreciate the flame effect, however, as other arts have struggled with the degree that he emits energy.

    Eh to Banshee — Looks about the same as the classic. Clean, crisp art style, though.

  4. i personally REALLY dig the new Sunfire costume there. while my favorite look of his is Age of Apocalypse (obvi!), i’ve never been impressed by his regular continuity costumes. this one is more contemporary. love it!

  5. While I like all of the stuff you guys redesign here on Project Rooftop, I’m feeling that the site is a bit X-Men and Bat family heavy – it seems everyone wants to redesign them.

    I was wondering if you could run a contest where you take the lesser known characters, and inspire people to make them cool. Example: THE CREEPER – great name with a neon costume that doesn’t say “Creeper.” Or how about:


    You get the idea…

    I think many of these characters, if rethought and redesigned would be great comics for today’s audience. But sadly many of them will wither away if something is done to give them that visual spark…

  6. Bill: Thanks for your comment. While I do agree people tend to redesign the top 20 or so superheroes way more than everyone else, in general we’ve found trying to do events around smaller, lesser-known characters, brings out much less entries — and much much less quality entries. Our next contest after FANTASTIC FOUR: FASHION FORWARD however does focus on a newer character — a newer non DC/Marvel character even.

    But getting back to your point, our doors are always open for artists to redesign characters. They choose the characters, and if we like the redesign we’ll run it — doesn’t matter if its Batman or Stanley & His Monster.

  7. Thanks, Chris!

    I understand that you can’t control what people want to draw… I will stay tuned in and hope for the best. To all of you artists out there, I’m throwing down the challenge: Do something different that will get you (and the character) noticed. Thanks! ;)


    PS. I would totally read a Vertigo book of Stanley & His Monster.

  8. Okay Chris, I can’t help but guess at who the next event will be around. My top guess is Ghost, of the new (and old) Dark Horse series, but I think Allred’s Madman is a possibility as well. Madman’s design is perfect, so that would be misguided, but I’d like to see what people come up with. Am I close?

    Oh, and I dig Colossus and Banshee, but Kitty looks too gym-wear and I thought Sunfire was Kyle Rayner.

  9. I totally like Colossus and Sunfire.
    I like the yellow on Colossus it works and I like his phisic bulkier and menacious than usual.
    It’s very well done the game of shadows the authoer uses to illuminate the scene using Lockeed’s firebreath and Sunfire’s fire
    About Sunfire I totally like his costume,very cool modern and finally clicheless without any reference to japan-samurai-ninja.

  10. This fits perfectly the X-Men: unifying elements (belt, zipper, knee-pads), with designs faithfull to each character and specific colors for everyone. I would like to see more “all-stars” of the X-Men like Cyclops or Storm for a perfect team look.

  11. I suspect Kitty’s outfit is one piece with that halter top having it’s closings in the back. It’s a bit complicated to put on, but she can do it without her powers or with that way

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