She-Design/He-Design: quantumqstar’s Antonia Stark, Iron Woman!

Note: Some of the great redesign we’ve ever featured come out of the blue, and today’s showcase certainly qualifies. This piece, by an artist going by the moniker of quantumqstar, showcases an alt-reality version of Tony Stark —  Antonia Stark — with a great piece of armor that’s ready for war and the runaway. While I could see the 616 Tony donning these duds, picturing it as a construct of a female Tony Stark make the storytelling possibilities even more imaginative. – Chris A.

Here’s what quantumqstar had to say about this piece, from her Tumblr:

Extremis Tony is my favorite (ugh don’t get me started on that magical bleeding edge armor, I suppose he stores his extra mass in a pocket dimension??) but a while back I did some research on bio-nanotechnology for a paper and I always have my own sci/fi bullshit ideas for how stuff works. Instead of having an undersuit stored in his bones (arrgh bones aren’t hollow, learn to anatomy!) he’d sweat out a protocellular metallic gel that functioned as a medium for nanobots and synthetic flora to leave his body and interface with the armor like a circulatory system. He’d sprout fiber optic “hair” that would wire into his nervous system. Wetware! It would be super gross :D

I steal ideas from myself (in this case the Antonia Stark that I did forever ago)… cos it IS challenging and fun to design robot armor, but you can’t really improve on perfection :p There’s only so much you can do before it loses its iron man…ness.

BUT I needed to give him rocket launcher arms I DRAW WHAT I WANT

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  1. I really, really like this :) I love the super gross nanotech backstory and – weirdly enough – I get a liquid vibe just from the armour’s softer lines. I love the top half of the suit, not so sure about the legs and feet: they look a little too long and clunky. Antonia is just perfect. I feel like doing a gender-swap redesign now too :D

  2. Those high heel boots are too funny. Great pic, my only suggestion would be to remove the lines from the chin – they give the impression of facial hair which isn’t very feminine.

  3. Really not that big of a fan of the armor design. Although the science BEHIND it is sound, the science within it just doesn’t make a whole lot sense.

    The Extremis (and Bleeding Edge) armor is supposed to be compact, hence the “magical” disappearance of mass. The armor here completely contradicts the premise behind Extremis. Besides, the whole point of nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter.

    But my main gripe with the design is all the unnecessary plating (what’s with the random strip connecting the collar to the arc reactor?). The way the joints are designed would limit the movement of said joints: the giant shoulder pads, the hips, etc. Speaking of anatomy, why is the armor a foot taller than Stark? Also, it doesn’t look very aerodynamic…

    Overall, if she severed the connection with Extremis and made the armor a bit more anatomically correct, it wouldn’t be that bad of a design.

  4. The thing about a female Iron Man armor is that it would look pretty much like the actual Iron Man armor, with maybe a curvier body and a differently shaped face. Adding breasts like on the original Rescue armor is amusing, but totally pointless since the armor isn’t skin tight, and it ultimately feels a little sexist.

    About this armor: it’s a nice design but it doesn’t feel as sleek as a modern Iron Man armor should. Extremis is the gold standard, of course. Those shoulder things are dumb and the heels are… yeah, her shoes are indestructible, so the need for heels is doubtful. You could do without those things and you’d still see that it’s a woman inside from the subtle curve of the waist.

    I feel… vaguely attracted. Don’t judge me. Antonia Stark should probably not wear a onesie, but it feels Rosie the Riveter-esque so that’s nice.

  5. Yeah, I wish men who wrote comics back in those days didn’t hate women as much, other wise Tony’s parents could have been the futurist Pierre and Marie Curie of Marvel pseudo-science. Maria Stark being just as smart as her husband, contributing equally to her son’s genius intellect? Just imagine.

  6. Pretty unfair, MSF. Stan Lee didn’t and doesn’t hate women, he was just born in the 1920s so it didn’t occur to him to give women important roles in the stories. Odds are that most of us males would be the same if we were from then.

  7. Funny, I was thinking about an Antonia Stark this weekend.

    One thing I’m not a fan of are the shoulder pads. Also the boots may look like high heels to some of you but if you look closely, they aren’t.

  8. Ooh, I love questionstar. She doesn’t post on DA as much anymore from what I remember. I love Antonia Stark’s look, questionstar’s quasi-scientific method for a new suit interface, the suit aesthetics are cool too, but the mobility of the suit looks awful. The shoulders, hips and legs don’t look practical at all to me. I love where she was going with this, but she ditch function and went full form. “You never go full form.”

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