P:R Redesign: Cary Polkovitz’s Batman!

Note: One of the most popular superheroes to redesign seems to be DC’s Batman, so it takes a lot to rise above the rest — but Cary Polkovitz does just that. In this entry he emailed us, the biggest visual change is in the cut of Batman’s mask, giving it a look more akin to Batman’s animal namesake. But don’t be focused too much on the headgear, as you’ll lose out on the other innovations Polkovitz brought to this, from the sleeve/shoulder cut of the top and down to the belt-less utility belt. The cut of the cape gives a hint at aerial maneuver applications, which could make for an even more imposing silhouette coming down on you off a Gotham building at night.. – Chris A.

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  1. Bit too GATCHAMAN for me. That looks works OK for Robin, but for Batman, it’s a distraction.

  2. Wow, once you get past the lack of brightness and fine detail … this is surprisingly nice. I mean the cape/wings thing doesn’t work for a hand to hand combat ninja type that Batman is supposed to be – but the bodysuit and mask are great. Swap out the wings for a traditional cape and you really have something here

  3. I really like this. It’s very, very sleek and modern, but harkens back to the Golden Age in some ways too. I think the cowl could be scaled down a little, but that’s really a quibble. Brilliant design.

  4. The mask is cool. Looks like a smiliar design to Catwoman’s mask from The Batman animated series. It’s appropriate here, though.
    Like the tunic, especially limiting the lighter gray colour for the chest area and letting everything else fall to black. Nice simple touch.

  5. I like the mask, but I’m not sure I fully understand its shape. Also, I can’t tell if his gloves are wide at the top, early-Robin-style, or if his arms are just really thick in that spot, but I hope it’s the latter. He looks fine without an actual utility belt, but I still feel like Batman needs a utility belt, because that’s his thang. I really hope he doesn’t have high heels.

  6. I have to agree with Jay. The wings, while great for gliding, would be awfully cumbersome in combat if they were that long. Everything else though is amazing, though I would consider streamlining the helmet a touch. A little too Bat for my Batman.

    Cary’s design actually looks like it could work as a transition from the original Batsuit to the Batman Beyond one, which is something I approve of!

  7. Since I am totally unfamiliar with the “gotchaman” concept, I come to this with a clean slate and I’m able to appreciate on its own merits. The mask is great and I don’t understand what elements could possibly make it more Robinish than Batman.

    Comparisons of design here sometimes confound me, when X bears a passing resemblance to Y in some minor way and that’s what’ people get stuck on. It’s like being unable to move from a tricycle to a bicycle because the wheel thingy is too similar.

  8. I like these wings MORE for Batman-as-ninja because the stiff ribs have a lot more combat potential than a traditional cape that would get in his way. I’d envision the hand/steering spines doubling as jo-sticks and the whole works acting as a kind of seven-section-staff.

    This has a strong Anime/Manga vibe, nothing wrong with that, but folks used to older, bigger American-style Batman may find it jarring. This looks like a really great member of Batman Inc., or an heir to the mantle, ala Batman Beyond.

    Solid work.

  9. I agree with Dan Howell up there. This seems like a perfect Tim Drake Batman costume and I absolutely love it. The mask looks a bit like a helmet and the ears seems a bit large but I like the more bat-like appearance and I like the idea of a helmet instead of a regular cowl. The grey torso area and the black arms and legs work really well and I really like the cape/wing effect.

    This is one of my favorite Batman redesigns, I’d love to seem some more of it.

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