P:R Approved: Jeremy Love’s Super Skrulls!

Note: Although most of superhero costume designers’ time are seemingly spent focused on the heroes, artist Jeremy Love brandished his considerable talents to redesign Marvel’s Super Skrulls for an undisclosed, cancelled Marvel project. These pieces of concept art show the Skrulls taking on aspects of the Avengers, X-Men and even their long-time enemies the Fantastic Four. Seeing this makes me wish the rumors of Skrulls in the Avengers movie were true! – Chris A.


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  1. As a basic concept, a group of Super Skrulls, each member of which represents a team of Marvel heroes, is pretty awesome.

    I feel like the armored look ruins these, though. It’s cool for the Avengers, of course, because of Iron Man. And maybe you could cite Colossus for the X-Men. But why would the FF Super Skrull suddenly be wearing heavy armor? He’s already as invulnerable as the Thing. Do you even need to throw fireballs or whatever if you’re already a giant armored monster?

    I don’t know…I really like the original Super Skrull, so my bias is probably coloring my opinion.

  2. Wow. WOW. Those are fantastic. (pun probably intended) Each power/character is integrated seamlessly into the design, and I can easily see them being used in a live-action film.

  3. The project was the videogame adaptation of The Avengers movie. It should have been a gimmee to make a game based on the film, but the entire project fell apart at some point. There is some demo footage floating around the interwebs if you look long enough.

    The Skrull designs are bad-ass, though.

  4. Aren’t these just gussied-up versions of the Super Skrulls from Secret Invasion? I wonder if Marvel Animation was putting together a direct-to-video flick that got cancelled…

  5. @Jim I think that’s just Skrull armor. Look at the kneecaps of all three and the feet of the bottom two. It looks like they start with a base armor and that is then changed to give them the attributes of Marvel heroes.

  6. I see four components in the Avengers design: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk. Only three in the FF and X-Men. I suppose the obvious fourth component for FF would be Invisible Woman —which obviously shouldn’t be drawn, but the X-Men’s fourth contribution should either be white hair or an arrow-shaped tail.

    All in all, these are brilliant, and makes the mind race with further iterations of the theme.

  7. People, as was already pointed out, these are for the cancelled video-game that was supposed to tie-in to the movie. Like all adaptations of Marvel properties, they are based on things from the comics. These designs are made-for-video-game adaptations of the Skrull designs from Secret Invasion.

  8. I’m with Jim on this one, although the renderings are out of this world, Skrulls are shape shifters, wasn’t the tech employed genetic reconfiguration as stated by Reed?
    Anyways, change the top one’s face to ant man’s helmet, green tones and you get a perfect super adaptoid. regular chin on the bottom one and it’s mimic the X-MAN.
    Where is the skrull shapeshifting or hypno glare?

    By the way, seeking new ways to show invisible woman’s powers in a static picture is the door to a bunch of new designs… just saying.

  9. Chad: but the X-Men’s fourth contribution should either be white hair or an arrow-shaped tail.

    There’re 4 for the X-men. Wolvy, Cyclops, Colossus and Beast.

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