P:R Regulars: Yasmin Liang!

Note: Not everyone can win our P:R contests, and in the array of runners-up and honorable mentions you see a sea of quality talent. Artist Yasmin Liang has been a fixture in our contests with DC heroes, placing as a runner-up in Aquaman: Sea Change, Batman 2.0: Dynamic Do-Over and Wonder Woman: Wardrobe War, and earning honorable mentions for both Canary on the Catwalk and Superman: Man of Style. She’s gone to have several of her pieces earn a solo feature here on the site, and we’re always on the lookout for more work by her in our inbox and online! – Chris A.


9 comments to “P:R Regulars: Yasmin Liang!”
  1. I like that Nightwing Bats. Probably because the design is slick, and it’s obviously dick. I’d probably tone down the cyan a bit though. It seems to florescent.

    The see captain look for Aquaman is awesome as well.

  2. The last three shown here are really great in my book, especially that Aquaman. The neon blue shouldn’t fit well on Batman, but she makes it work somehow. And the Victorian-era Batwoman may be her best line work yet.

  3. The star spangled Scarf doesn’t work for me, but I love that design, as well as the Superman one. Also really like the Dick as Batman look, as i could see him wearing that in the future.

  4. Jay: exclusive to DC?

    As far as I am aware, Yasmin Liang doesn’t work for DC. Which is an absolute shame. But this is gorgeous artwork, and hopefully it’ll make DC stand up and take notice. I’d love to see Yasmin take over as fill-in artist on Batwoman, since they removed Amy Reeder and replaced her with someone who’s name I don’t even remember because their art didn’t impress me at all. J.H. Williams’ art would be complimented beautiful by Liang’s work.

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