P:R Redesign: Alex Mitchell’s Omega Red!

Note: Never say our readers don’t listen. After spotlighting Marvel’s Omega Red as one of the top villains in need of a redesign, artist Alex Mitchell stepped up to the plate and gave his rendition of Arkady a Russian homeland makeover. Getting rid of his 90s top-knot and giving him a more street-level outfit, Mitchell gave this epic villain a much needed face-lift. And kudos for fine-tuning the tentacles to be less tubular and more flat like lashes. – Chris A.

Here’s what Alex told us about his redesign:

I’ve always liked Omega Red, he’s such a good example of the ‘killing machine’ character that fits in well with Wolverine’s particularly murderous gallery of rogues. When considering a redesign, I wanted to deliberately make some different choices. No 90’s era brightly colored mystery material, no blonde glam rock hairdo. The elements of the design I felt I had to keep were the tendrils, the armor, the uncanny skin coloration, and omega motif. I wanted to bring in a wintery Soviet military aesthetic, play up the “experimental subject gone amok” angle. I also redesigned the carbonadium tendrils into a more biological leech-like form to emphasize their life-sucking abilities. I think this Omega Red in a more believable, threatening character worthy to face off against Wolverine or the X-men as a whole.

7 comments to “P:R Redesign: Alex Mitchell’s Omega Red!”
  1. I like this approach. The omega symbol on his face is cool – I think is an original look but can’t be sure since OR has been redesigned in the comics quite a bit. I like the military fatigues rather than a “super suit” for him as well, just a good take on his background I think.

    I’m not crazy about the shoulder pads either … he’s usually seen some sort of shoulder pads but for a dude who needs to swing his arms all around it just doesn’t make much sense. And american football pads make even less sense.

    Overall a nice outfit/design.

  2. I really like the red “mask” and the leech-like tendrils are brilliant, but the football pads armor makes it hard to take him seriously. The 90’s vibe is still lingering here.

  3. Looks like he’s wearing football pads. I think it needs more exploration to be more “believable” or “threatening”, personally I don’t think this is either yet, but I love the hair and the omega symbol on his face.

  4. Something about the for collar and half-shirt look doesn’t work for me. He looks more like an evil clown than a soviet weapon

  5. neat, I like the look. I suppose if that armor and parka were standard issue for the Soviet super soldier program it makes a lot of sense.

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