P:R Approved: Héctor Barros’ Angel!

Note: One of the most drastic and successful redesigns in comic history was the transformation of the mercucial Angel from the X-Men into the fourth Horseman of Apocalypse, Archangel. And now with him seguing to a new, third phase as a wide-eyed amnesiac, this redesign by Héctor Barros falls perfectly into that next step for Warren Worthington III. The open hands and under-arm region evokes transparency, and the white-and-teal color choice makes a strong break from past costumes. – Chris A.

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  1. Very pretty art. I like it. Simple lines, somewhat dynamic pose, color choice soothing. Yay!

    Costume style question, though: Does this Angel sweat a lot? Because I can’t figure out why he doesn’t have material under his arm. The pits gotta breathe, I guess.

  2. I like this look, if I would change anything it would be the 90 degree cut on the sleeve. It could stand to be softened/angled/rounded … but that’s just a nit pick.

    I always liked the blue-on-white combo for Angel and while I’m not crazy about the “X” logo I recognize it is the established X-men insignia – and in this case it could easily be swapped out with the “halo” (which I always loved) when Angel isn’t with the team.

    Also, I might point out that Hector may have solved every known underarm deodorant problem – from application to stains – in one feel swoop!

  3. The colours, the long hair and the open back with room for the wings are typical on any modern Angel design. This is pretty, but nothing original.

  4. love the hell out of this design, particularly for amnesiac Warren (his current costume is to similar to his classic designs to make me believe it) But I do not care for the open armpits, it reminds me of mid nighties muscle shirt Thor. If you want it that open area, remove the sleeves? it runs the risk of looking a little wife-beatery, but the smoothness of the rest of the costume should even that out.

  5. The open back totally makes sense, if you have to get a body suit on around wings. It’s actually pretty brilliant. Great design!! I disagree with the notion that the colors are a departure from his traditional colors, though.

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