P:R Approved: Ronnie del Carmen’s Magik!

Note: Magik has always been a conflicted character, kidnapped as a child and raised by demons, she rejoined humanity but had found herself missing most of her childhood. Pixar animator (and great comics artist) Ronnie del Carmen recently revisited this Russian teen after re-reading the epic “Demon Bear Saga” from New Mutants. Carmen describes her as ” a teen trying to have a normal life. Except she can mess you up by bringing you to a corner of hell or vice versa.” Pretty apt. – Chris A.

9 comments to “P:R Approved: Ronnie del Carmen’s Magik!”
  1. It’s not much of a costume, but a great design. Considering I’m not thr biggest fan of traditional tights, this works for me. However, I understand that others who are for more traditional superhero togs might be put off by it. I like the “hime” cut She was given, the gloves she wears to get to business and how very teenage it all feels. I could see her having a book where she wears this for a solo adventure

  2. Magik is one of my all-time favorite characters, I love this girl next door version! Many go overboard in the demonic stuff, when they keep showing her getting over her darkside than she’s tempted again and than she makes peace with it and than she’s tempted again! my god can’t the girl just deal with it once and for all? lol

  3. I feel like this outfit is a bit too normal for someone who has been separated from society for most of her life. There should be at least a couple of subtle social or fashion faux pas.

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