P:R Approved: Ulises Farinas’ Batman!

Note: You can imagine a variety of artists re-making Batman, but this redesign by Ulises Farinas is something special.Taking Gotham’s hero straight to the streets, this Bruce Wayne is even more self-reliant and even more resourceful than he’s ever been in comics. (Note: an earlier version of this post attributed this to another artist; we apologize.) – Chris A.


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  1. Bruce Wayne, moments after seeing his parents shot before his very eyes, loses his young mind and runs blindly into the alleyways of Gotham City. Lost, alone and in a semi-catatonic state after his ordeal, he eventually winds up living with a group of homeless vagabonds below the city’s towering skyscrapers and office blocks, deep in the sewers. While scavenging for food, he is attacked by a flock of bats. The shock startles him out of his grief and sparks an epiphany. The child makes himself a costume, cobbled together using the little he can find rummaging through dumpsters and land fills, using the terrifying bats that awoke his lust for vengeance as its theme. Thus, the bizarre Bat-man is born!

  2. It’s the kid from Kick-Ass as Batman!

    The bloody nose and ripped parts of the uniform kind of distract me from what this is supposed to look like when he starts out at night, though I love the art style, which feels like a very young variant on Frank Quitely’s style. Yeah, this feels like a kid is under the uniform, which I’ve always wanted to see, a young Batman, not just a Robin suit.

    I love ideas about it, like the harnesses, the shoulder armor things, and the fact that the shirt isn’t just tucked into some super manties, but seeing it like this is sort of… sloppy looking. I also hate the stiched on symbol. Unless he was trying for some sort of branding, I don’t see why a Batman like this needs to have a symbol splashed across his chest. If this is meant to follow the comic canon that he’s got armoring there and the symbol invites folks to aim there, then it should look armored, considering all the exposed armor he has. Also, I think this kid would do well to have some tonfa or police batons instead of a batarang. He looks more homebrew, so how is he getting these custom made daggers?

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