She-Design/He-Design: Snareser’s X-Men!

Note: Marvel might be building up to an “All-New, All-Different” X-Men by bringing back the original team, but artist Snareser is showing just how different, how new, and how unique they can be. Flipping the chromosomes around, the artist has re-interpreted the original Lee/Kirby line-up as more X-Women than X-Men. That Cyclops design is especially great — that coat is positively envious. . – Chris A.

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  1. Inspired!!
    Though, I would have loved to see Professor X remain bald. She would be one of the cool and chic women who wear big, elaborate earrings and head-scarves.
    Minor problem though, Marvel Boy’s X should include the pants instead of being a full X on the top and then (what I assume to be) two side Xs on the pants.

  2. The problem is that changing the gender AND the costumes make the characters look like new students of the Xavier school, more than actual a gender-swaped original team.

  3. This is great, with Beast being my favorite. Prof X should be bald … and I’m not sure about Ice-Woman’s trajectory

    Love this – is it too much to ask for a hairy-blue Beast?

  4. More than anything, I like the Professor’s hair; the way it curves at the bottom is reminiscent of her counterpart’s eyebrows. Also, Icewoman’s entire look and attitude is great. I’m curious what there new names are now. I assume Cyclops and the Prof. and Angel would be the same. Iceman would probably be Icewoman, but what about Jean and Beast?

  5. Charlene Xavier, Sarah Summers, John Grey, Henrietta McCoy, Bobby Drake (Don’t even need to change it.), Wilhelmina Worthington III. Marvel needs to get on this so we can all share in the fun. If you have any of Claremont’s characters 63 designs I’m ready to see those too. Amazing work.

  6. These are great! Never realised the original line-up lent itself so well to genderswapping, and great execution on the costumes. I would’ve gone for Cassandra Nova in the chair, myself.

  7. Ice Woman has little snow boots with pom-poms on them! That little detail is adorable and totally gets to me. @_@ I also want lady-Cy’s coat.

    Anyway, a lot of people do gender-swapped art, but not everyone does it well. I’d have to say this *is* one of the well-done ones.

  8. I’ve got no idea why Icewoman *needs* boots and a scarf, but they look damn good. Loving all the details to the costumes.

  9. Love it except, Angel’s and Cykes costumes are wrong. Cyke should be showing more skin as the only guy on the team and Angel should be fully covered like Warren usually was.

  10. I think She-Beast should be bulkier and hairier. Even for a guy, Beast was always very Gorilla-like, and I feel that that element should be conserved when you’re changing the gender.

    Still, on the whole, I’m lovin’ it.

  11. I gotta wonder… would Wolverine look all that different in this universe? Short, bad-tempered… maybe a bit less hairy.

  12. Nice re-designs but it’s a shame everyone has the same body type. Would be nice to see a bit more diversity in shape.

    In the normal X-Men, Beast and Cyke are completely different body types but here She-Beast and Cyclops are pretty much identical?

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