She-Design/He-Design: Joel Carroll’s Avengers Scouts!

Note: We here at P:R have played host to many fondly remembered gender-swapped superhero redesigns and also superheroes meshed with other concepts, but never have we seen two in one set. This time out, P:R original Joel Carroll takes the movie line-up of the Avengers and translates them into the Sailor Moon mold, skirts, gender and all!  On their own they’re great gender-swamped renditions of Marvel’s mightiest heroes, but as a group they really work together the way the original Sailor Soldiers did back in the day. Just one question — would Loki be Tuxedo Mask? – Chris A.

Thora Odinsdottir

Nat Romanov

Claire Barton

Toni Stark

Brenna Banner

Steph Rogers

15 comments to “She-Design/He-Design: Joel Carroll’s Avengers Scouts!”
  1. Yeah, Thor is the one I love above all others. Everything else feels like Sailor Moon fanart, but that Thor… god I could see that being some kind of future spinoff character.

  2. Yes. So many times yes.

    However, I think Black Widow, already being a female, should have been swapped into Tuxedo Mask.

  3. This is absolutely fantastic!

    They’re all cute and yet have distinctive personalities, and look! Breanna Banner has muscles! MUSCLES!!!

    About the only complain I do have is that Toni Stark doesn’t have leggings beneath that skirt like Supergirl did after someone with a brain started to write her series. I think it would have fit well for someone who is known to fly a lot.

  4. You know I was actually thinking the exact same thing as Reid. They are great though! But Cap is clearly the Sailor Moon counterpoint here, s/he’s even got the same hairstyle! lol instead of meatballhead it’s Star-spangled head? heh

  5. Is it wrong that I want to see all three Tuxedo Masks? Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Loki. (I agree with Reid, though, that it really ought to be the former. TM is a protagonist, not a villain, and it would fit the gender-swapping theme. Nick Fury is the runner-up because of the mask/eyepatch thing.)

    Of these, my favorites are Thora, Toni, and Steph. Those three costumes translate really well to the Sailor look.

  6. Captain America and especially Iron Woman are my favorites. They have such flashy outfits normally, and they translate really well to the flamboyant Sailor Senshi uniform.

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