P:R Approved: Jason Ho’s Sons Of The Bat!

Note: Although they’re not related (save one), the Bat-family has in a way become the signature family unit in superhero comics — vying only with perhaps the Richards for that title. And artist Jason Ho has taken a deeper look at the many sons of the Dark Knight in a redesign set he’s titled “Sons of the Bat.” Ho did these redesigns as a experiment to dream up a hypothetical cartoon series, combining elements from different timelines and even different universes into one Elseworlds-style format that gets this fanboy’s brain reeling. Check out these great redesigns below, and then go over to Ho’s website to read his write-ups on each! – Chris A.


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  1. What a cool idea. And well implemented. These would make for some interesting story-lines. And a very cool set of action figures!

  2. This is pretty neat. I have to point out, however, that It would have been way cool to see Tim Drake in a new take on Red Robin and see -Barbara- in the Oracle suit. I know it’s called “Sons of the Bat,” but Barbara is a more important part of the family than Terry, Todd, or Damian. That’s even acknowledging that Damian is Bruce’s son. Maybe not in the “New52,” but I haven’t been keeping up. Maybe she’s not really a part of the bat family at all anymore. I know they wrote Stephanie Brown completely out of continuity, so I wouldn’t doubt it. Anyway, I like this whole idea (better than Batman, Inc!), especially the bit of creating an official guise for Damian, “The Demon,” which would be fantastic and I’d love to see them do in the comics if he weren’t probably about to die.

    Maybe it would be a cool idea to have a fanart friday or a contest or something to design a costume for a mobile Barbara as Oracle? Spiffy Oracle costumes all around?
    Just a thought.

    Cool series, anyway. : )

  3. Interesting. I think this could work in an alternate Elseworlds setting. I love the idea of Tim being Oracel, as he’s the most tech and computer savy, and Damian being the Demon as he’s Ra’s Al ghul’s grandson. I also like the idea of Jason using the more superhero look for Red Hood from the Grant Morrison Batman and Robin era. Now this show should be set in an alternate future, with Terry coming into the past to help avert it but arriving just too late to save Bruce. Because of this Ra’s Al ghul all but takes over the world and its up to the Sons of the Bat lead by Nightwing and Batman Beyond to take the fight to R’as and his League of Shadows.

  4. I like the idea, and the style works for an animated show, but I’m not crazy about the designs. It seems like he was trying too hard to make them all fit a template. Red Hood doesn’t work with a cape.

    Also, not a single one of them actually goes by Robin? No Steph Brown or Barbara Gordon? I know it’s “Sons” but they feel missing.

  5. Drop Terry McGinnis and add, among the Batgirls, at least, Barbara as Oracle, with Tim changing his name. The concept of a team or a book starring every Robin ever, posibly including some of the Batgirls has being there for years, since Damian became a new one and Jason being alive again, and I really would like it.
    Talking about the designs, they fit perfectly the characters, and are a good usage of old designs for each of them. A poing for mr. Ho.

  6. Technically aren’t they all Bruce’s kids including Terry even though Terry is -according to Justice League Unlimited – Bruce’s clone?

  7. Really cool stuff, in both writing and art. But, I’m going to second @Andrew’s idea up there.
    Even though the concept is SONS of The Bat, it does feel incomplete without Barbara. Ive always thought of her as having two dads– Jim Gordon is Barbara’s father, but Batman is Batgirl’s father. And her mentoring in that Batcave is just as important as that of any of the Robins.
    It’d be great to see Dick and Babs as the parents of this ‘family’.

    Also, I’m not quite sold on the Batman Beyond here. Ive never been on board with the ‘Beyond’ mythology, it’s always felt too far afield from the mythology I’ve always loved. (Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come are the options for me).
    But I do really dig the idea of Terry having been a Robin that we just haven’t seen yet–however the Batman Beyond design as-is doesn’t fit with this group.

  8. I’m glad folks are enjoying these designs! I you want to read some of my rambling thoughts about them, please feel free to check out the original posts:


    For those wondering about Barbara, Stephanie, and the rest, I definitely plan to follow this series up with “Daughters of the Bat.” And beyond the sons and daughters of Mister Wayne, there are also some misc. cousins and neighbors to consider after that! :)

  9. Not sure about them all fitting the template, but there is a cool concept there. I love the Demon especially because it looks like he’s wearing the Suit of Sorrows. Not crazy about Jason going back to his superhero getup, I prefer the biker look. I love Tim as Oracle, but it needs more commitment to the symbol. I would integrate it into the chest more. And everyone’s neck is way too long, thick and busy. Simplify that.

  10. I’m with the others who expressed disappointment at the lack of female bat-family members – it could just have easily been “Children of the Bat” without losing any thematic relevance. Moreover, while I kinda like the IDEA of Tim-as-Oracle (if somebody’s gotta take over for Barbara, he’s a darn good choice), the execution of Oracle-as-basically-Robin leaves me cold, regardless of who’s in the costume. The description on Ho’s website says that Tim only goes out in it occasionally, but I would have liked to see the “information broker” thing played up over the “beat up criminals” thing, because it would distinguish him by something beyond just the color scheme.

  11. Really like the ideas and Tim as Oracle is an awesome idea! The only one I’m not crazy about is the Red Hood design. But instead of Terry I would have liked to have seen a design for Barbara as Batgirl.

  12. Apart from the requisite “Hey I kinda miss Barbara” thing, I really like these designs. All the types really work for the character (including Tim Drake as Oracle) and the designs are all very simple but dynamic and iconic.

  13. The Demon design is outstanding. Nice to see yellow reintroduced into the Nightwing design and the Oracle costume was unexpected.. makes me wonder what a hood would look like on that cape.

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  15. Necks are much too long, but decent otherwise. Maybe try varying your base model more than colors and skins…

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