P:R Approved: Wesley Burt’s Thor!

Note: Although the 2011 Thor movie and the costume designs were something special, I couldn’t help but wonder what if when I saw this preliminary design for Thor for the film. Created by movie concept artist Wesly Burt, this rendition of Thor was created very early own in the movie’s planning stages. Although it’s true some of the elements here might be hard to re-create in live-action costuming, Burt’s design have no shortage of personality, style and Final Fantasy-style regalia. – Chris A.

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  1. The first design is FAR too ornate (would Thor even be able to lift his arms?), while the other says less “Norse god” and more “Pictish gladiator” :)

    Nicely drawn, though.

  2. THAT IS SICK!! Love the armored look, and the non armored look with the lightning like runes or what ever is just a crazytake. I’d love to see this in a comic.

  3. The light circles of the design on the right would have made an original addition to the character, and nothing says “norse” more than furry capes. Appart from that, this is too ornate, not practical at all.

  4. The shirtless version – while cool looking – doesn’t make much sense. The glowing body designs are really awesome – although next to (movie) Tony Stark and his glowing heart thing it might be overkill.

  5. I like to think the second is when he’s been stripped down for a fight and the first is ceremonial/ for heavy fights. I WANT that helmet

  6. I like both of these designs! I disagree with the critiques that the first design is too bulky and ornate. I think the designer was careful enough to not place the ornate elements where they would be a considerable hindrance to movement! Depending on the weight of this armor, I would think a character as strong a Thor wouldn’t be deterred by its bulk. Looking at armor that was used by ordinary men throughtout our own history and various cultures, this armor isn’t as ornate in comparison.

  7. Dammit. Thanks to the design on the right, I am suddenly mourning the costuming decisions that led to fewer scenes of a topless Chris Hemsworth.

    Uh. I mean, nice designs. I do respect any artist who can take Thor’s helmet and make the wings on the sides less goofy.

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  9. I actually prefer the one on the left with the heavily armored oomph that it gives the character. Thor seems like a character who wouldn’t be as concerned with whether he got out of the way of a punch/blow as much as deflecting it. He’s a heavy duty stand and brawl it out kind of guy. And that heavily armored look is definitely something that I could see being a Norse ideal. Plus, I’ve never been a big fan of the chest circles.

  10. Ooh-er. Not sure I like either of these. The first one seems waaay too armoured, and the shirtless second one… well, you get the idea. I would have preferred a healthy compromise. The armour not only looks overly bulky but all the the extra feathers and segmented details everywhere are distracting. Regarding the second one, I just can’t see any logic behind it. No shirt, but super-bulky helmet, arm armour and leggings? The artwork is very nice, but I’m glad they didn’t use either of these for the film. Literally the only things I think would have been nice in the film are the second design’s boots.

  11. I like the first one,it seems a good compromise between a Norse Viking armor and a Kirbyan Asgardian armor from the first issues of Thor,maybe without the other wings on shoulders and legs would be better.I just dislike the hammer,i would prefer the classical design for it.

    Idon’t like the second costume,the low waist trouser and the slim muscled body say me more Calvin Klein Underwear Model than Asgardian Norse God of Thunder,and I don’t get the reason of those useless tattoos\signs on his body

  12. I’ll join the chorus of folks who think the first is too bulky. Thor’s a god – he wears scale mail not for protection, but because mere fabric falls apart too easily. Also, complicated plate amour just seems to imply more forethought than Thor would generally put into anything.

    I am also amused that the Thor in the second pic is significantly less muscly than Hemsworth ended up being. I do like the lightning circles, however.

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