P:R Redesign: Ha Huy Hoang’s Batman Collection!

Note: A new artist comes into the P:R fold today as Ha Huy Hoang submitted some excellent redesigns of Batman and his associates. Designed with the intention of it being an animated series, Hoang mixes practicality with straight-up cartoony-ness that is a lot to love. I especially love that Red Hood design.Chris A.


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  1. I don’t like the masks, they make the characters look the archetype of cartoon evil characters. Appart from that, I can’t see the heroes waring baggy pants and straps, this doesn’t match the Bat-family basic non-written rules of outfit. Also, Batman MUST wear a cape, and not this coat.

  2. It’s interesting that Bane is so Nolanesque and Joker is not. I don’t object to not following original Bane, but it sort of seems like he’s thrown in as a sop to Nolanites and the rest are totally original.

  3. I really dig this.

    The only thing I don’t like is that Batgirl doesn’t have a full-face mask like all of the boys.

    The Joker has rarely looked more psychotic. Really good stuff.

  4. First time I have ever commented but I like these redisigns. Certainly something for an elseworlds story. Batman, and family seem very militaristic and parkour based. Although everyone else doesn’t seem to different. Bane is just the TDKR’s over henchified. Also I don’t really like the art style, but would like to see these drawn differently.

  5. Hi guys, it’s really a great honor to be featured on this site, thank you so much Chris. Yes, Bane is influenced a lot by Nolan’s version, but this Bane can transform like the original, it’s just because I like the outfit design in the movie so much. For the masks, I thought because Batman and the guys have to deal with poisonous gas constantly, if the mouth is open and they have to put on a mask every time is kinda not so practical for me. Besides, I always think that the mouth and the nose is the most part on the face that I will recognize some one, not the eyes, so I never thought the original masks could ever protect their identities. For Batgirl, she doesn’t have a mask because she’s not equipped by Bruce Wayne himself, she was just a girl who admire the work of Batman so much she found her own way to become a free vigilante, not exactly related to Batman.

    For the other things, I guess you guys can understand, this is my “re-design”, so I put stuffs that I thought fit my reason and my taste in it, and like I said when I submitted, these designs lean a little bit to the “practical” side, because I think outfits like these are the first choice for me if I ever have to fight criminal at night. And I think Edna Mode from The Incredibles proved her point about capes. He doesn’t need a really pointy cape to look like a Bat at night, this coat can be mistaken to a Bat wing in silhouette too.

  6. I like the looks for the most part. I do agree that putting the gasmasks on Nightwing and Robin makes them look like generic faceless henchmen. But the suit desings are perfect. I love the paramilitary/vigilante look. Love that Gordon and Joker too. Animated Nolan Bane looks sick!! More Please!!

  7. I like the redesigns,It’s got a Kim possible-esque style to it.I really prefer the bottom half of the characters as opposed to the top.I would have like to see Bats n his crew a little more traditional look,but hey Its not my redesign.Nonetheless still a great batch of character designs.

  8. Batgirl and Red Hood are pretty awesome. Relatively practical but still fun to look at.

    I don’t really care for any of the others, for various reasons. I guess I just can’t get on board with the gas masks, as they don’t seem practical from a visual storytelling point of view. Difficult to show emotion if the protagonists are wearing creepy masks all of the time. Maybe if that feature was limited to one character (probably Robin, just because his looks the best), or if it was easily opened/removed, the designs would be more appealing.

  9. Ha, you are the master! Great job with the redesigns man, especially because everyone has a hard time redesigning a batman costume in the modern world. I think it’s easy to do a 1800’s batman, or a medieval batman, but to do what you did here so well is very tough, and open to a hell of a lot of criticism. In other words, great job! They all have a touch of the “real life super heroes” to all of their costumes, which was pulled off very well.

  10. Original great funny stuff! Designs are cool. I take them as cool rather than realistic, but it’s the point, isn’t it? Nolan’s Bane thrown in the middle of the others is quite weird, but the rest is pretty cool. Joker, Gordon, Red Hood and Nightwing are fun-fun-fun!
    I’m not complain about the cape-coat since it’s a redesign, it’s your own touch, it’s fun. Your cartoonish style gives them all a good characterization, this is what works best for me.

  11. I’m torn on the masks. It looks good, but it’s a very different style. I like that robin more than I like any of the “red robin” outfits I’ve seen though. The mask does work well with Red Hood though.

    Also, I like the Batgirl.

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