P:R Approved: Mahmud Asrar’s Alternate New 52 Supergirl Designs!

Note: The P:R said more than their fair share about the New 52 Supergirl design back when it was originally announced in 2011, but flipping through a recent DC publication we saw these amazing alternate designs series artist Mahmud Asrar submitted during the preparations for the book. What could have been . – Chris A.

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  1. I like the adoption of the “8 Shield” for the S Shield, as it is an obvious visual marker between the more human paradigm of Superman & the more Kryptonian viewpoint of Supergirl. That said, when you use it I think you have to keep the red & blue, to make the connection between the two explicit.

  2. Is Nu52 Supergirl pretty young? Because these are all pretty juvenile. No problem, if that’s the intent.

    The top two are both pretty good. The one on the left gives her a mod Legion look, and is my favorite of the lot. The one on the right is awkward, but in an endearing way. The contrast stripes on the boots and gloves are my favorite bits. Bottom left is just awful, all around. Bottom right doesn’t really read as Supergirl. It would be a decent design, though, if not for the gold stripes and fingerless gloves.

  3. The red/white “Super 8” is nice – just loose the finger-less gloves (regualr long sleeves are fine) and the yellow no-belt (either a belt or no belt is fine). Not to mention these are a believable 16 year old girl … I like it better than the one they went with

  4. These are really great and well presented designs! I particularly fond of the upper right design. It think is captures the flavor of Supergirl very well! I’m also fond of the lower right design, but I think it would better suit Saturn Girl!

  5. Man, here’s hoping that one day DC has the guts to go with something like the white costume.

    Mini-skirts, belly shirts and swimsuit-like suits are starting to really bore me – nevermind how ridiculously impractical they are, or how hard it would be to take anyone who wears them seriously.

  6. I really like these. I could see Supergirl using the second, more Kryptonian costume when she first arrives on Earth, and then modifying it or making the top one from scratch, to match with Clark’s.

  7. replace the white of the bottom right with blue and you have my new favorite S-Girl design. right now though the only thing that keeps me from saying “Saturn Girl” is the Kryptonian symbol

  8. The designs on the right are both the best to me. They give a young but not immodest Supergirl, though the symbols on the bottom don’t say Supergirl to me. It says for me to read the amazing adventures of the awesome 8-Girl!!! (I love alliteration so much!) The bottom left is good, but it doesn’t quite feel… alien and top left is more young Power Girl with the body hugging skirt and the hair

  9. Love those designs. Forgive my ignorance, but what’s with the ‘8’ instead of the ‘S’? Is her Kryptonian designation shaped like an 8 or something?

  10. ALL of them look better than the actual design. I like the first two, as their cut is strange, and may fit the kryptonian character, and the colours of the last for a Power Girl (cut her hair, and change the “8” to a “P” and you have her)

  11. I think I prefer all of these designs over Supergirl’s current red-diaper costume. What could have been, indeed.

  12. I’m loving the bottom-right, white one. She’s fully clothed and the idea that she’d use the uncorrupted Kryptonian symbol is great.

    Just cover up those fingers and finish the belt and it’d be perfect for me.

  13. Any of these would have been better than what they chose. But make those boots red in the top right, and you have a winner.
    Generally speaking the New 52 redesigns are so awful that I’ve put down most of the books.

  14. The red and white one I like the most (with added Immonen-Legion overtones in its simplicity but classicness of design), but have a definite fondness for the dress with gloves. Possibly because I’m wearing pretty much that outfit right now, without the cape. It’s cute, the skirt isn’t totally practical but it’s fun. and don’t get me started on over the knee boots, I flinch every time I see the moulded version. Absolute sod to flex, walk or run in.

  15. I have one reason to love over the knee boots, with a bit of modding, you can make them so she can still have free legs, but kneels without some discomfort from cement (invulnerable doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel textures, just isn’t hurt by them) I’d be positive to see thigh boots and knee pads becoming more gender neutral and used in comics. Take some cues from pro wrestling.

  16. The one on the bottom right is definitely my favorite, but I can see why they went with the more traditional red/blue combo to tie her more closely to Superman. I’m VERY glad they didn’t go with the top left design. A skin-tight latex miniskirt on a teenager? No thank you, that’s kind of skeevy. And I actually would like that design the most if they’d given her pants or leggings or something. It would make her look tougher and more serious, especially if they wanted to emphasize her alien-ness.

  17. They could have chosen any of these, yet went with the one with a weird crotch patch? And let’s be honest, her “S” symbol looks almost just like the one Superman used when he had his electric/energy powers. It’s just been recolored.

  18. I only like the bottom right one. The first just looks bad, with the hoochy red leather. The second one is giving me some weird cheerleader vibes. The bottom left is okay, but there’s no reason why she shouldn’t have her rib cage covered, especially since she’s constantly zipping through the skies and that would just fly up and expose her bra.

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