P:R Redesign: Denis Medri’s Fantasy Deadpool!

Note: We’re back from our holiday break, and we’ve got a new bit of Denis Medri magic for you. This time out, Medri takes on Marvel’s Merc With A Mouth and takes him on a magic meets medieval journey.Medri’s vision of Wade Wilson as a medieval knight retains the iconicness of the character while transporting him to another world. It brings to might the miniseries Avataars: Covenant of the Shield, but only good… real good! – Chris A.

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  1. Ok, I’m feeling brave, and I hope I’m not going to sound like a complete douche when I say: Medri again?
    No offense meant to Medri, who is a great artist and deserves mention, but really… are there really no other artists to feature? I realise you guys are big fans of him and that, this being YOUR site, you’re free to post whatever you want. But, for me anyway, this kind of repetitiveness risks making the site boring. Just some (hopefully) constructive criticism, and no offense meant to anyone.

    Anyway, regarding this redesign in particular. I’m not a fan of the sketchy style or Deadpool’s costume to begin with.
    I personally think the best thing going for this piece is that it captures the essence of the character. If Deadpool were to end up in some fantasy world, he’d probably get himself two BFSs and adorn himself with the skulls and fingers(?) of his slain enemies. So I like that about it :)

  2. We run the cream of the crop of the submissions we receive, Thomas. From artists sending in material directly to pieces we find online. We wouldn’t NOT post what we feel is a great redesign because the artist has done a number of great redesigns. If Stuart Immonen sent us 10 great redesigns, we’d run ten great redesigns.

  3. I’m in agreement with Thomas on this as well. You guys have a great site and since I discovered it, I come here often to see new redesigns, but they are too few and far between. I would like to see some of what is considered “not the cream of the crop” to critique those too. Sometimes there are some interesting design elements in those as well.

    Great redesign for Deadpool from Medri, by the way!

  4. I’m pretty sure those are supposed to be ears on his necklace, like when Daryl started cutting off the ears of his zombie kills during season two of the Walking Dead.

    Good design.

  5. Reminds me of the 90’s Med-evil Spawn designs. I’m not a fan of these massive tank armor/over sized weapons designs myself, but as they go this is on par. The ear necklace is a nice touch though!

  6. I’m a big Medri fan as well, but I’d like to see more variety. Maybe space them out a little more?

    As far as this design goes, it’s solid. Personally I think a character with a bugs bunny like healing factor would pass up the armor for a lighter kit allowing for greater agility… that being said a healing factor doesn’t mean things don’t hurt (especially feelings).

  7. Love the bounty heads and ear trophy/fetishes! Oversize axes and swords standing in for oversize guns and… swords, I guess. I’m digging this one.
    Nice work Mr. Medri!

  8. This website is all great all the time, the fact that there aren’t enough submissions is hardly a slight against the site but more so against the community, get drawing people!

  9. Dont listen to the whiners. If they dont want to see Medri then they need to submit something. I for one love seeing his stuff and would hate to be denied something awesome just because its from an artist you posted recently.

    As far as the design, I like it but I think Deadpool would be more the rouge archetype with lighter armor and weapons.

  10. Thaln: Dont listen to the whiners. If they dont want to see Medri then they need to submit something.

    From what I see around the internet, blogs, and deviantart pages, people submit stuff all the time. I myself have submitted several redesigns in the past as well. Apparently they didn’t cut the mustard (wish I knew why ): ) and weren’t featured (save for the fan-art friday ones). Nonetheless, whenever I have something I think the P:R guys and gals might like, I submit it. I’m sure the same can be said about many others.
    I’m not calling for a ban on Medri (which would be ridiculous), merely a widening of the net, so to speak. At the end of the day, people can submit as much as they want, but it’s the site owners who decide.

  11. Yes, Thomas is right. We encourage people to submit as much as they want. We will continue to post the submissions and art we find on like we think fits with the standards and quality level shown on the site.

  12. Hi Chris, What exactly are the standards and quality level that you look for so that those of us that submit have guidance on what you would like to see and feature?

  13. Chris, I’ve done that and I’ve viewed all the content on this site even all of the linked sites (some of which have issues). I’ve even have Project: Rooftop liked on Facebook. I guess what I’m asking is what makes you and the other judges go, “Oooo!” :)

  14. It’s really rather simple…
    Step 1: Pick out an established character.
    Step 2: Dress them like a hipster.
    And you’re done!

    I kid!! I kid!!

    But seriously, dude. Hipsters :)

  15. There’s a certain silliness missing from this Deadpool illustration. It’s simply a badass adorned in the body of his enemies. Nothing says “Deadpool” to me.

    If he were air guitaring one of the swords or had a live chicken strapped somewhere, that’d be Deadpool, as it is, this is just a medieval Spawn type guy

  16. DBrown:I guess what I’m asking is what makes you and the other judges go, “Oooo!” :)

    It has to sell itself. There’s no design in rooftop that beats it’s own rendering IMO. With the judges skimming through many submissions it’s understandable, besides it makes the site look pro.

    As for this Deadpool.
    + It really delivers on the stereotype
    – It’s a terrible stereotype

  17. Haters gonna hate. Thing is I wouldn’t be surprised if he did all the Fantasy marvel stuff together but we just see it speradically.

    NEways I love it. The ears on the necklace sell that it’s still Deadpool, and his insanity is intact.

  18. But it’s not funny. Deadpool is funny. See, the ears is a thing I’ve seen dealing with characters in the past. Deadpool pastes two to the side of his helmet and pretends to listen with them. That’s the crucial difference

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