P:R Approved: Giovanni Costa’s Spaghetti Gotham!

Note: It seems seeing your favorite heroes and villains transformed and twisted into new times and locales is a popular past-time for artists, as Costa Giovanni has stepped up to the plate and taken Gotham’s gang into the Wild West, Sergio Leone style. Costa’s style really works here, and the standouts for me are the turncoat Two-Face and the Native American Nightwing. Thanks, Giovanni! – Chris A.



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  1. God, these shorts look like the old Bullwinkle cartoons taken in a dark direction. Pairing Nightwing and Robin like that is inspired. Alfred the Bartender is neat, and the villains are okay, but I want to see that Penguin every episode. He just looks so entertaining!

  2. I love Spaghetti Westerns. I love Batman. I love character redesigns. This is just about perfect. The real winner of this whole set is Two-Face, though. I can really imagine Col. Harvey Dent being betrayed by those Bluebelly scoundrels and taking up with the CSA as an act of revenge.

  3. Batgirl doesn’t work for me (not that she usually does, or anything) but the rest are PHENOMENAL. Great work, I’m dreaming of a Genndy Tartakovsky animated movie right now!

  4. The idea of Civil War Two-Face seems so obvious that I’m surprised that I’ve never seen it before. Bravo!

  5. While I enjoy the Civil War Two-Face, I’m really really not a fan of it’s connotations. Beyond that, I love it!

  6. Really brilliant on a number of levels. First, the clever interpretations. Second, the sense of personality. Third, the wonderfully retro art style. It all comes together impressively. Wish someone would animate this . . .

  7. These are great. I love the choice of a Native American look for Nightwing, the Union/Confederate Two-Face, and the Saloon girl look for Ivy.

    These fit really well with Vigilante’s “Ballad of the Batman” from Brave and teh Bold

  8. These are great designs! I would love to see a “traditional” artist take these and run with them to see what it would be like if Neal Adams or George Perez could do them in that style.

  9. Fun, I really “love that Joker”, wish he was portrayed with some gambler/card player details. The Two-Face is indeed brilliant as well, just wish Gordon and Harley Quinn were included.

  10. Apart from the squarry style that bothers me a little, I think the main idea is amazing! Why not more heroes? Why only batman’s world?
    The details are great and fun. Like someone previously said: fun, fun, fun, FUN!
    But the only minor thing I would (eventually) complain about is the style. The details are great but are sometimes depending too much onsubtility and they are lost due to the heavy squarred style. Penguin and Batgirl are the most obvious. Two face simplicity makes him the most readable for me.
    Anyway super work!

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  16. I just looked at these today. Wow, what brilliant concepts!! Absolutely love that Turncoat Two-Face, and Nightwing is a pure stroke of genius. For me personally, I’m not a particular fan of the cartoon style in general. But having said that, I must say Giovanni; you are very talented, this is top-notch consistent & technically proficient work to be proud of.

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