Fan-Art Friday: Glory!

Note: Last month we put out a call for fan-art of Rob Liefeld’s Glory based on the recent series by Sophie Campbell and Joe Keatinge. And that call, it definitely got answers. Over the past month we’ve received renditions of Glory based on her original incarnation, Campbell’s new version, as well as left-field redesigns and even a My Little Pony version. Read on my friends, read on. – Chris A.

Tom Kelly

Danica Doležal

Kris Anka

Rick Vo

Jess Levinson

Peter Foglesong

Ali Ottey Mitchell

Emily Grant

Greg Golembiski

Peter Bloem

Carl Peterson

Meredith McClaren

Andres Reyes

Nick Marino

Dave Nelson

Rian Miller

Verity Hall

Alex Mitchell

Jackson J Edge

Zach Bassett & Aidan Carnevale

Thomas Branch

A. Demetrius Felder

Joe Loazanno

Derek Brown

Andy MacDonald

Claire Hummel

Cesar Madarro Gonzalez

Jed Dougherty

20 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: Glory!”
  1. They’re all very good and very empowering, but the only ones that really move me are Meridith McClaren, Tom Kelly and Carl Peterson for different reasons. Kelly’s feel like such an amazing, balanced image with that silhouette and the hair. Metidith’s has this sense of style that I just love. The leg guards and scarf feel so satisfying. Then we get Carl’s crazy leveling of Glory and the weapon of galactic destruction.

  2. For me it’s definitely a tie between Meredith’s take and Carl Peterson’s rendition: both really well done and interesting. Great to see so many different styles here, too :)

  3. don’t know if it reads much as glory necessarily but the claire hummel painting is beautiful.

  4. Carl Peterson has my vote. I watched too much Digimon and DBZ, and played the Power Stone games too much to not have a weakness for characters with different stages or evolutions to their powers.

  5. I love the stark visual of Kelly’s, and how McClaren turned the “overly-muscular” look into a believably stocky bruiser. But one thing’s for sure — every single one of them looks better than Liefeld’s.

  6. Dedpool: Never a big fan of the overly muscled Glory, unless the artist can keep her femininity. But these are some good pics.

    What’s wrong with a female character having a muscular physique? It makes sense for her character and is radically different (in a refreshing way) then how the majority of the comics industry chooses to draw women.

  7. I’ve never read or looked at a single Glory comic, but these are some great entries. 5 of these stand out to me for various reasons.

    I like the bold graphic look of Tom Kelly’s image. Rian Miller has great energy in the pose & sense of movement created by his composition. Meredith McClaren’s delicate handling of colour is simply gorgeous. Thomas Branch has made some outstanding colour choices – the use of red really makes his work pop. And I think my favourite image overall is Jed Dougherty’s. The composition, colours, pose, background detail and style in general are all very appealing to me.

  8. Lots to like here with Kelly, McClaren , Peterson, Miller, and Gonzalez leading the way for me. Haven’t ever read a Glory comic, but these are some really dynamic, interesting pics. I’m intrigued by the separated sword and like how different artists interpreted it differently.

    Great job all around.

  9. Great work, I agree with many that Jed dougherty is VERY good(it has abit of Arthur Adams’ and a bit of Kirby’S ) Petersen and kelly very good too. All incredible pieces of art.

    see you next fan-art-friday, THANK YOU FOR THIS WEB.

  10. I like Andy’s Good battle gear and the spiked arm. I like the magic artifact that Jed’s one is carrying. I do think Derek’s one is a bit more seductive looking than most of the others. Like the armor of Mr Felder’s design as well and a very dramatic pose with her in action against some demons. Rian’s Glory doesn’t show much of her face as it seems to be blocked be her breast plate. Kris Anka which one is suposed to be Glory? Carl I think your’s looks more like what a glory of the future time would be especialy with the WGD mode (very cool design though). Jess, Ali, and Emily also did good work on the costumes very good designs.

  11. I know it’s the hair, but Meredith’s Glory (which, BTW, I love) strikes me that she only needs a few wrinkles added to be the ultimate Badass Grandma. :)

  12. Damn these were varied. Personally, I liked the versions designed by Thomas Branch, Alex Mitchell, Meredith McClaren, and Carl Peterson the best.

    Branch’s is simple; a bloody woman wrapped in the colors of war and savagery, enjoying what she does. Fits the basic idea very well, and is a very subtle redesign.

    Mitchell’s is slightly grotesque, but conveys the character’s savagery very well. I kind of like her relatively smaller frame, while she nonetheless is able to haul around and wield enormous gauntlets.

    McClaren’s design is, I feel, a bit of a re-imagining. It has less of a warrior aesthetic and instead gives Glory an “adventurer” vibe, like a soldier who is on a personal quest instead of one that is actively fighting a war. It’s tough, with some feminine elements (not the ones that normally denote sexuality though, which I like) and looks like it would be excellent for a stand-alone adventure or a sequel series. It’s personally my favorite design.

    However, in my opinion it’s Peterson’s design that best fits the character, yet it’s also a huge re-imagining of the character (potentially the biggest redesign out of all of these, except for the pony). This one, by giving her the power to change shape and size depending on her emotional state, truly gives us the conflict between Amazon and Demon while fitting her new sci-fi origins. Her first incarnation shows her physical beauty while hinting at her immense strength, as she’s able to carry all that enormous equipment. Her second incarnation showcases her raw power, and fits with the canon version’s brutish size. The very last form is an excellent and relatively unusual way of showing her partial demonic ancesty; generally, when people want to show that they use horns, or hooves, or claws. This version simply turns her into a titanic monster, obviously inhuman and of an eerie nature. Definitely an ability that ties into her internal struggle over her savagery and serves as a major plot point, possibly.

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