Fan-Art Friday: Thor!

Note: I’m not a religious man, but from the outpouring of support for a particular Norse god I might have to reconsider. Our call for Thor fan-art beckoned forth a downpour of great art, from spirited amateurs to downright, stone-cold art professionals. I wanted to thank everyone for submitting to this one, especially the P:R newcomers who overcame obstacles and stage-fright to send it over. I have my favorites — who are yours? – Chris A.

Dane Ault

Patrice Martinez aka Marti

Christopher Coffey

Aaron Schultz

Matthew Bartlett

Damon S. Brown

John Conklin

Jackson J. Edge

Peter Bloem

Mick Bouschor

Kai C Hawkins

Matthew Sargent

Rick Vo

David McWhertor

Paris N. Jones

Samuel Green

Micah Green

Michael Higgins

Andy MacDonald

Andy MacDonald

Ali Ottey Mitchell

Chris Graves

Joumana Medlej

Bryan Vieira

Phil Kahn

Dave Kennedy

Antonio Tyler

Michael Howe

Jaymz Daniels

Patrick Hollowell

Peter Foglesong

Sean Kent 

Aaron Koester

Thomas Fummo

Adam Karpinski

Dave Nelson

Jason Hehir

Jason Hehir

Alberto Silva

Hugo da Cunha Araújo

Sebastian von Buchwald

Richard Basey

Sam Teckman

Tarun Padmakumar

Shaun Riaz

Javey Villones

Tony Aros

Thomas Branch

Joe Lozanno

Sky James

Craig Spence

Don Edwards

Chuck BB

Ricardo Rubio

Todd Loessy

Tom Kelly

Derick Runtz

Zachary Gilmore

Kyle Frink

Peter James Maggs

Antonio Cunha

Craig MacDonald

Alejandro Bruzzese

Thomas Radcliffe

Jason Reeves

John E. Maticic III

Kelyn Andrasko

Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River”

Randy Bishop

Kolbe Teixeira

Paul Reinwand

Paul Reinwand

Alessandro Micelli

Brion Salazar

Holden Leung

Jason Cowdrey

Matt Nelson

41 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: Thor!”
  1. Damn — I’m sorry I forgot about this deadline, because I think this is the best collection of fan art you’ve hosted. There are a LOT of seriously awesome drawings here! And I REALLY want a “Worlds Greatest All-Father” mug . . .

  2. I’m not a fan of Thor the character, but there is a lot of great talent on display here! My personal favorites are (in no order):

    “Ultra Thor” by Rick Vo – I mean, this one is obvious
    “Techno-organic Thor” by Jaymz Daniels – I really really dig the haircut.
    “Supremely Viking Thor” by Peter Kent – good to see how the Asgardians really embraced the Norse warrior look
    “Heavy Metal Never Dies Thor” by Tom Kelley – I’m getting all kinds of sick-awesome Frank Frazetta vibes from this one.

  3. First off: Yay, my submission arrived on time!
    Second, and more importantly: WOW. So many amazing pieces here! I’m loving all the different/funny/inspired interpretations of the Asgardian everyone came up with. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I particularly like the designs that went for a more streamlined, bare essentials approach (e.g. Paul Reinwand, Randy Bishop, Adam Karpinski, etc.) Well done to everyone!

  4. Andy MacDonald for the win. This just makes me giggle.

    Otherwise, really drawn towards the takes done by Adam Karpinski, Sebastian von Buchwald, Chuck BB, Randy Bishop, and Alessandro Micelli.

  5. Wow. Talk about a treasure trove. Tons of great art here with Rick Vo, David McWhertor, Andy MacDonald, Jaymz Daniels, Alberto Silva, Antonio Cunha, and Alejandro Bruzzese standing out for me.

  6. No, Kyushu Miyamoto. I’ve never heard of Rifts. But from what I’ve just Googled, it’s some kind of role playing game.
    In the event that your accusing me of plagiarism, here are the sources for my piece:

    The head was based on a friend of mine called Steve Larkin:

    The six discs on this chest emanating energy came from Ultimate Thor:

    The overall topless, tattooed viking look came from the movie Valhalla Rising:

    The torso tattoo is a version of a tattoo I have on my arm

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  8. Bravo to all– shout outs: For original takes, digging Damon S. Brown, Jaymz Damiels, Thomas Fummo. For execution and artistry, liking Micah Green, Sebastian von Buchwald, Paul Reinwand, and Alesandro Micelli. For fun, looking at Adam Karpinski, Alejandro Bruzzese, Ha Huy Hoang make me smile. Thanks, PR

  9. Truly honoured to have something if mine not only accepted but among some truly outstanding art. I’ve loved this site for so long that its truly made my week! Von Bs is probably my favourite, I’m so envious of such incredible talent!

  10. I’m not much of a Thor fan, but some of these designs are just plain Awesome! I particularly like the ones with an ancient Norse style to them and those that (for some reason) approached it from a techno angle.

  11. Some amazing artists but my favourite is Jaymz Daniels take on Thor original with amazing skill a close second Alberto Silva.

  12. Considering the direction the God of Thunder took in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, I’m surprised a design like Paul Reinwand’s wasn’t used. I mean seriously, all thats missing is some bad ass gauntlets and theres your perfect Thor right there. He even looks like a working class hero!

  13. I forgot how much I really do hate Mjölnir. It’s an awesome image when it’s set into motion, but every time I see Thor holding onto that dinky little hammer I think, “Really? You couldn’t find anything in your size?”

    I personally liked Jason Hehir’s sketch a LOT, although I think his Hulk is a little on the skinny side.

  14. Some really awesome artwork on display here.
    It’s both humbling and an honor to be included amongst them.
    Thank you kindly Project Rooftop for the opportunity to have my piece included.

  15. Great work everyone. I hope you all had as much fun working on your Thors as I did.

    Jaymz Daniels — stunning work. I really want to see your Thor in action. Looks like he could be an alt-dimension Thor.. someone who got so battle-damaged that Stark had to plant 6 arc reactors in his torso to keep him alive.. and the side-effect was enormous power over elecricity / lightning.

    Jason Hehir — great pencils. Lots of expression in your hands & faces.

  16. I am deeply grateful to get the chance to submit something, and have it tossed up with these other great artist. I stumbled onto the site for the first time the weekend of the deadline. I did not have time to whip anything new out, so I gave two of my older pieces. To see them up was really special. Thank you very much, and I really love all the other submissions listed here as well. Excellent all around.

  17. Wow. I guess I’m repeating everyone here when I say all this art looks fantastic. Ha Huy Hoang’s piece is carved from pure awesome – I totally love it. Additionally – thanks so much to Felix in the posts for totally making my day :)

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