P:R Approved: Bobby Rubio’s Nightwing!

Note: The best redesigns come about when an artist takes on a character he loves and critically takes apart the design and makes something fresh but true to the character. Pixar story artist Bobby Rubio did just that when he gave a second look to DC’s Dick Grayson — aka Nightwing — with this excellent mature design. Thistakes the character back to his original blue-tinged color scheme with a helmet riffing slightly off of Wingman that makes him as dangerous as his mentor. – Chris A.

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  1. Damn, just damn that is a design that I can get behind on Nightwing. I have been a huge fan of the character from his debut in Teen Titans (which I assumed has been retconned since they never existed). However even forgiving the disco collar, the Nightwing suit always left me wanting more. This delivers, its as scary as The Batman yet is more fluid and graceful.

  2. What’s with the scary visor and creepy grin? That doesn’t feel like Dick as Nightwing, it feels like Jason Todd of Damian (back from the dead?) as Nightwing. The cape isn’t a bad idea, but I can’t imagine an acrobat being attacked to something like that, once more bringing me to Jason or Damian in the suit. The armor doesn’t get in the way so it’s okay, it’s just that this feels like the wrong character to play Nightwing as we know him

  3. Cool, but that sadistic looking grin makes him look evil!
    As for the design itself, it kind of reminds me of Nightwing themed version Red Robins costume (pre new 52). The costume is rad, but I’m worried the cape would get in his way. I like cape-less Nightwing costumes. Maybe it could be retractable? Either way this is awesome.

  4. That is fantastic!! I love it! I think Dick should start sporting this right away!! Okay maybe not right away but it’s a great look nonetheless. Though the visor and smile togehter make him look a little sinister, it’s actually something Nightwing could use, as he seems to jovial sometimes. But that’s Dick for you.

  5. Something tells me, this is what happens where we left off of DKR. This design can evoke the image of batman without having to be Batman. Though didn’t Dick said he hated capes.

  6. The great thing about the “Gatchaman” (or as I still like to call it ” Battle of the Planets”) influence here is that it’s at least equal parts Zoltar as it is G-Force (sorry, that’s how I learned it!)

  7. This design is incredibly cool, but doesn’t seem like your usual Nightwing.

    Something about the facial features stand out to me. The pointed chin and pointed nose (which could just be the visor), the pale skin and the broad and slightly creepy smile – they all remind me of The Joker.

    And that’s what I can’t help but see. The Joker taking up the role of Nightwing for some reason.

  8. I don’t know, to me this is more Crime Syndicate Nightwing than Bat-family Nightwing. It’s probably the visor and sneer taking me in that direction but there is also something somewhat Owl-man-ish about this costume.

    I like it, but more for a villain than for Grayson.

  9. Meh, it’s okay. But Dick Grayson hates capes. Also, acrobatics are a key part of the character, and it’s a lot harder to do that when you have a giant swooshy cape. Also that helmet and jawline is terrible. 6/10, but would redesign again.

  10. Looks good, but doesn’t look like Dick. I like the idea of having the mask cover the head ala Batman or Red Robin since hair should be a good tipoff for someone’s secret identity, but the cape is inappropriate for Dick and, as others have said, the contours of the face send the wrong message as well. I really like how extreme the scallops on the cape are though. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these design elements adapted into a Batman or Robin costume.

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