P:R Approved: Chris Copeland’s Nightwing!

Note: Back-to-back features on the same character? I wouldn’t normally advise that, but once I saw how great Chris Copeland‘s take on Nightwing was I couldn’t help myself. Copeland’s design sticks closer to the Brian Stelfreeze designs from the comics, but accentuates them by adding the Batman-logo to it and also by making it glow. That, along with the segmented armor look that works better here than what we see at DC’s New 52, gives me shivers imagining this in use in comics. – Chris A.

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  1. Very cool design! The added bats in the design really make him more recognizable as a Bat-family character. The New 52 design is okay, but this would’ve been leaps and bounds better.

  2. Bats, bats, and more bats. A bat on the chest, a bat on the belt-buckle and a bat-mask? Surely this would be ‘Bat-wing’? ‘Night-bat’? I thought the point of the blue wings/bird logo was that it kept the connection with Dick’s Robin persona, whilst also symbolising his growing up and becoming his own person. Mixing this with so much bat-imagery kind of eliminates that aspect of the character, doesn’t it?

  3. In contrast to my comment on Bobby Rubio’s redesign, I think this one is near perfect for a post-Death of the Family Nightwing. The armor takes him a little in the Batwing direction. Given the vulnerability he must be feeling right now, though, that would be a logical (and perfect) evolution.

    It may be a little bleak for the pre-52 Grayson (and maybe the light grey tones should be more blue) but given where his book has gone recently this seems right on trend.

    Great job, Chris!

  4. Nightwing should ALWAYS use lightsabers.

    Rally, though, this is a nice design, though I’d love to see a color version.

  5. I like it. I don’t think they needed to change the Bird symbol to a bat but I like it nonetheless!! Not sure about the day glow of it either but it is visually stunning.

  6. This removes the fact that the name Nightwing comes from Superman. The point of Nightwing was when he was going out in the world not as Robin but as his own man he took the name of a man he idealized Superman. Due to the stories Superman told him from his time on Kandor. While I don’t mind the new connection to Batman and the bat family with the bat mask and belt the bird should of stayed the same on his chest.

  7. “Nightwing should ALWAYS use lightsabers.”
    Hmm, would it be better if it is called, Shocksabers?
    He doesn’t kill.

  8. Pretty badass. Takes some cues from the Young Justice show version that works so well, but the addition of the bat symbol definitely puts it together much more nicely.

    Lightsabers are cool visually, but not sure how they’d work with a lesser stylized artist.

  9. Absotootinglutely amazing. Love the light sabers though. The only thing I would say is that there is a definite absence of color. GREAT DESIGN

  10. Meh, they’re still blunt, so I don’t have too much of a problem with the glow sticks. I actuallyreallylove this suit. It draws all the best aspects of the Young Justice design while stil being its own thing. I don’t have aproblem with the bat symbols as a bat is acreature that flies at night, so it’s a night winged animal. Plus, I like the idea of Dick actually using this to eventually replace Batman, instead of just becoming Batman

  11. Good art and great design, tho personally I find having Nightwing sport the bat symbol kind of reductive. The design seems a little reminiscent of Young Justice Nightwing, which is totally a good thing.

  12. The art is fantastic, the design is inspired–although as much I love the segmented armor look, I think it’s a little too militaristic for Dick Grayson. Ultimately though, I think this costume would work best (sans Bat-Mask) in a post-Bruce Wayne Batman universe. Great stuff though!

  13. Hey guys, thanks for the plug of my piece, im really honored and flattered by the gesture, seriously. So a couple of things about me that i think will help you guys place this thing into context. I love Comic books, but i have to confess…. im not the frequent reader, lol, and i have seen the 52 version of K.W once, and it was a quick view, lol. There was not much thought put into the story behind him….yet, i was more aiming to do what i thought looked cool with purpose behind it, cause although there is not much story behind it, we all know (enough) about Dick Grayson, and we know who he is, and what he does, so i wanted to make sure that i accounted for some sort of balance between pragmatism and cool, mostly though, i wanted to capture cool… a lot, that is where the Glowsticks (trying my ass off to avoid Lightsaber) come from. I think i ripped it from the Shanghai Batman short by WB, i love those things and so im sure that is where i drew the inspiration from. Either way, i appreciate you guys and your love for the piece, and your feedback as well. Im hoping to have some time soon to be able to put together a few pages featuring him as well as the Robin and the Batman that i did, fingers crossed. Thanks again folks, PEACE!

  14. I like it, and it would be a good way to incorporate Nightwing as the Batman of Chicago)or Gotham or wherever) without having him wear a slightly different Batman costume.

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