P:R Redesign: Ilias Kyriazis’ Avengers!

Note: Ilias Kyriazis is back after a long absence, redesigning the Avengers from the ground up– including the membership. Some of the designs stay the same from their 616 counterparts, while others like U.S. Agent and Zero (The 2099 Ghost Rider) go to some very new places. Look below the pin-up for descriptions from Ilias about the team’s makeup. – Chris A.

It’s always very fun to come up with rosters for superhero teams. I thought I’d draw my own take on the Avengers (or the Defenders?) I limited my choices to B-list and C-list characters so it’d feel more personal. A team for a hypothetical book I could make my own.

Team Leader and co-founder. Her experience makes her the best choice for the role even if leading is not her style. I always enjoy “fun” and seemingly carefree characters thrown in situations that require a lot of responsibility. At first I went with a pink costume and it looked cool but it clashed with everyone else on the team.

The other founder. I enjoy a jerk in a team and he’s one of the biggest jerks Marvel has. I stepped away from the Captain America look a little. I armed him with John Wayne’s actual handgun, cause what’s more American than that?

Alien robot gladiator! What’s not to love? Why isn’t he more popular?
I wanted him to look a little retro, something that could be a Masters Of The Universe or M.U.S.C.L.E figure. Thus the simple design and the high waist. Also the less “real” his technology looks, the more alien he looks.

Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane was (will be) the Ghost Rider of the year 2099. His self ended uploaded online and it somehow got transported back in our time. He created a new mechanical body and fights to prevent his dark future. I see him as a very political, very anti-corporation character. He dropped the Ghost Rider name out of respect to the current one.

Villains join superhero teams all the time, right? She-Hulk was her lawyer so when she saw she was serious about going straight she gave her a chance. She still a very angry and very dangerous person though. I wanted her costume to reflect her original hyper-sexualised one (I’ve never seen Nekra clothed) but I think she also needs a more practical version. She can wear this one at parties.

Ruby Thursday
Another former villain. Ruby and Nekra became lovers in prison and Nekra brought her with her on this team. She’s now having “sex” with Zero (the kind of cyberspace sex only people with computer brains can have) and there’s a weird love triangle between them

Cloak and Dagger
Underused characters I always wanted to see as part of a larger team. I also wanna see how will cute and naive Dagger fare in a team of former villains and psychos and weirdos like this.

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  1. This is a very… different… line-up.
    I can’t say I’m a fan of it. Some of the art is very well executed but most of the redesigned/tweaked costumes looks very busy or a tad too garishly nineties-ish for my tastes.

  2. Quite the lineup of characters you’ve got, Ilias. I really like the idea of making She-Hulk the team leader and her new look is great, especially her short hair and her pink socks and laces. U.S.Agent’s new look seems fitting. He sorta has this Judge Dredd vibe to him where he’s less concerned about your rights as a US citizen and more on beating you to a pulp. Cloak and Dagger are a great addition (definitely a duo that is underutilized) and the use of Ruby Thursday, Zero (aka Ghost Rider 2099), Nekra, and Torgo is rather brilliant.

    Great job on this new Avengers.

  3. I’m not too knowledgeable about half of the characters presented but the descriptions are good the illustrations are great!
    Dagger is looking really good with pure white shadowless rendering.
    Like the abusive riot cop look on US agent, but the sleeveless right arm i don’t like, it creates dynamism but is too randomly not utilitarian. I agree with a six shooter, but maybe something a bit more futuristic (Vash stampede kinda).
    No chains on Torgo please, it’s a distracting stereotype.

    This reminds me how much i love build your own roster projects.

  4. For some reason I would love to see his team take on the Agents of Atlas. Great designs and I love the inclusion of Cloak and Dagger, Zero and the redesigned USAgent.

  5. love love love this lineup, always a big fan of rehabilitating villains as heroes and the designs and illustration are top notch. my only nit pick is the design choice for us agent’s helmet, I get the swat/tactical look but it just doesn’t gel with the rest of his costume for me.

  6. Kind of feels and looks like a super villain team with the exception of She Hulk and maybe Dagger. Torgo has handcuffs on and Ruby Thursday is just disturbing! A “savage SheHulk” would be a better fit here, perhaps a feral Tigra.

    Maybe this could works as an Avengers special ops team used for intimidation, The Afflicters? The Afraiders? The Afrighters? The You’ll Need Therapy When You See Us’ers?

    Anyway, even though I’m not feeling “Avengers” here I like the team, artwork and back stories, it could be fun…there could be a whole issue on how Dagger is afraid to sleep in the Avengers Haunted Mansion. Maybe an issue where ‘jerk’ U.S. Agent gets a split personality ans becomes the sophisticated, James Bond type known as U.S.A. Gentleman!

    Sorry, I may have had too much caffeine today …

  7. I love this: in particular I love buffed-up She-Hulk.

    Dagger’s description seems a little bit weird to me – fighting (and sometimes murdering) drug dealers wearing *that* outfit really doesn’t seem very “naive” to me :P

    With a lineup like this (more B-characters; a few villains and outlaws…) I think this is more likely to be a Thunderbolts of a Freedom Force line-up.

  8. @Mario Silva
    If I was doing this for a real book I’d have Torgo remove all the chain links but not the handcuffs – they’d be fused to his hands.
    I agree they can be distracting – not sure I’d use the word “stereotype”.

  9. I love the idea of a She-Hulk-led Thunderbolts based around that concept mentioned under Nekra. I would read that. Not sure if it’s “The Avengers” but it’s a good idea!

  10. These are some fun designs, but I dunno about it as an Avengers lineup – should’ve gone with the Defenders, suits the roster much better. USAgent and Zero are my favourites – I initially mistook the shield-gauntlet for a fully cybernetic limb and assumed this was Bucky assuming the role, which, dammit, I’m going to have to go and draw now. Zero’s a cool design – I will be a sucker for robots wearing clothes forever – and the pixellated, presumably holographic flames are a brilliant touch, if maybe just a little underdeveloped.

  11. Looooooove the inclusion of Zero. Other than Miguel, he’s the only other 2099er that I really cared about. I don’t know Torgo, but I like him in there too. Always had a soft spot for U.S Agent. Interesting line up, not sure if it’s Avengers though, and I dig your redesigns.

  12. I love these, and I love the idea of populating the Avengers with B and C-listers, I feel having a permanent team of A-listers is more of a JLA thing and it’s not as much fun as this.

    I love that She-Hulk actually looks ripped and Hulk-like and I really like what’s been done with USAgent, it’s a cool look that’s a bit more distinctive than his usual replacement for Captain America look.

    I also totally love Zero here, the design is equal parts legitimately cool and lovably goofy, and I love the pixelated holographic fire around his head. Plus I like the idea of him being the anti-authoritarian on the team, it would play well against USAgents gung-ho jingoism. Plus timetravellers are always fun to have on a team.

    The only problem I really have is that the female team members, She-Hulk aside, all look kind of cheesecake-y, and I’d prefer to see them in something a little more practical.

    I’ll finish by saying that I love the idea here with Torgo bu I’m curious what sort of personality the artist sees him having. Are we talking a boisterous Hercules-type or more of an outer space Spartacus? Is he grim and hardened by his gladiatorial days or does he love nothing more than a fight? I think the fact that I’m asking questions just goes to show how fun the character looks.

  13. Why doesn’t someone make an Avengers team featuring USAgent, War Machine, BetaRay Bill (or Thunderstrike), She-Hulk, Rita DeMara as Yellow Jacket and Bill Foster as Goliath?

  14. I’m curious about the “chains are stereotyped” remark, but that has nothing to do with the lineup. Ruby Thursday doesn’t seem to bring much to the table, but she does look nice. It’s not a terribly versatile team on the face of it, but it’s interesting. I think Dagger would work well on this team-she’s tougher than she seems, and Cloak is scarier than any of them.

  15. Whereas I love the idea of She-Hulk leading a team, considering most of the team are villains, I wouldn’t really call them an Avengers team. Maybe Avengers AFFILIATED, but not an actual branch.

    A team name that comes to mind: “Redeemers”. Considering they’re mostly criminals that actually want to do good, and could be like a superpowered half-way house. It could even have a revolving door of characters. Some stick around, others leave, with occasional “counselors” to fill in for certain arcs (like Hawkeye, for example).

    As for the art, it’s generally great. I love that extra attention has been paid to She-Hulk, and giving her more of a bodybuilder physique (considering that’s what she worked on during her last series to prepare for the fight against the Champion, so she’d have naturally remained that way since). US Agent is decent, Ruby Thursday looks creepy and cool, Nekra is blatantly sexy, and Zero was an incredibly left field choice, but it ties into Marvel Multiverse-At-All-Times concept. All in all, I’d support this title.

  16. “The only problem I really have is that the female team members, She-Hulk aside, all look kind of cheesecake-y, and I’d prefer to see them in something a little more practical.”

    I agree, and I think She-Hulk’s prominent nipples are a tad distracting.

  17. I agree with SilverHammerMan and D in that barring she-hulk the female chracters seem hyper sexualised and a bit “for show”? Dagger, for example- I know that’s basically her canon outfit but I’ve always had issues with it in that if you grabbed it at the shoulders you could literally pull it straight off her.

  18. SilverHammerMan: I love these, and I love the idea of populating the Avengers with B and C-listers, I feel having a permanent team of A-listers is more of a JLA thing and it’s not as much fun as this.

    The thing is, being a team of A-listers is kind of the point of the Avengers; the lineup’s seen some oddballs and lower-tier characters, sure, but when you think of the Avengers, you think of the big guns, particularly in the wake of the movie’s phenomenal success.

  19. Illustrating a gladiator in chains is a repeating stereotypical motif and the design of the linked chains is one as well.
    This guy is as strong as Ben, those cuffs and chains would need to be on his pinky to work… If it’s alien alloy or tech, then SHOW me.

    Ilias Kyriazis: If I was doing this for a real book I’d have Torgo remove all the chain links but not the handcuffs – they’d be fused to his hands.

    I would love that, as is, i think you missed the opportunity to really think how a mechanical gladiator could be restrained: maybe they remove his head , or his limbs after each battle Gunnm style, he could have bolts through his wrists , energy, magnetic or massive, alien looking cuffs (still recurring visuals but more fitting to the character background).

  20. Lots to like here. Generally agree that a different team name may fit this lineup. Thunderbolts?

    Like this version of She-Hulk and could see Torgo being a Thing stand-in for when the team needs a one-two punch-up of someone. Something about the Agent’s headgear seems a bit off to me but I like the rest of his costume. The others are a lot of fun as well.

    Great job!

  21. The males seem okay, but with the exception of She-Hulk, all the female heroes’ outfits look unimaginative, extremely unpractical. They’re just the same old generic comic-book sexy to appeal to nerd boys’ masturbatory fantasies, not something to fight in. And seeing She-Hulks nipples in her superhero outfit is weird.

  22. I really love that She-Hulk drawing especially. Really nice design. She looks “hulky” but still feminine, and you really capture her smirky sense of humor in the expression.

  23. I can’t say I’m familiar with most of the characters on this team, but I love the way you drew She-Hulk. Very kick-ass and practical.

  24. This is a great line-up of odd choices. From dark to surreal to high profile misfits. I love it. Zero in particular is looking great, thats a tight drawing & a very cool background idea there. Also like the Judge Dredd vibe to the USAgent outfit, though I might have done something a little different with the helmet. This would be an interesting group dynamic to read about.

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