P:R Approved: Pericles Junior’s Teen Titans!

Note: Teen Titans aren’t just any team of teen heroes — they’re legacy heroes, carrying on from DC’s top heroes but doing it in their own way. And Brazilian artist Pericles Junior has trapped their youthful vitality in a bottle — a bottle of ink, that is — and done a spirited pin-up that also presents new takes on their costume. Although some are obscured, I see more than enough detail to consider this P:R Approved. – Chris A.

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  1. VCXZ: Hipster Titans to the rescue!

    EXTREMELY hipster. That said, I would love to see more views of Robin and Impulse. I like the upgrades.

  2. @VCXZ,thats exactly what I was thinking.I wish we could get more of a detailed look of the rest of the team though.And even though it was somewhat cool in Young Justice,I’m done with Robin sporting sunglasses.It makes you think he’s blind or something.I mean c’mon he’s Robin ninja boywonder,not Matt murdock !

  3. This is amazing. The clothes give a real great feeling of their usual outfits without being the exact same thing. They do look youthful and varied from thr younger, shorter Kid Flash to Miss Martian in her outfit. The only questions I have are why Supergirl is wearing glasses, why she’s the one in front and what is going on with Wonder Girl who looks a little too sloppy. Honestly, she’d be the only one I suggest adjustments for.

  4. It takes the concept of “street clothes costumes” of Mike McKone’s Titans and expands them to the rest of the team, and I love it. It would be great to have this kind of teen-hero book.

  5. It’s a interesting concept but I don’t dig the glasses on supergirl. I can’t imagine her having poor vision, the glasses will fly off the second she makes a hard turn while flying, heat vision is out, and even the most expensive glasses won’t stand up to a punch from Darkseid.

  6. I think the glasses on Supergirl are quite charming. I imagine them without lenses, which I am seeing a lot on the streets these days. Yes, they are obnoxiously hipster and impractical — but Supergirl is a both an indestructible demi-god and a teenage girl so it’s entirely consistent that she might have more of a fashion flare to her heroic attire. Plus it makes for a nice contrast with the no-nonsense Superboy, if you are gonna have ’em both on the team. But the reason I like them the most is that it’s a wonderful inversion of the Clark Kent glasses trope — when Kara (assuming this is Kara) becomes Supergirl, she puts her glasses *on*.

  7. Love ’em.
    I’ve tended to hate the whole dress-everyone-down-it’s-more realistic movement of late–
    but this just WORKS, and makes total sense. We sometimes forget that at the end of the day, the Titans are just kids. And if you live somewhere where you see hordes of youth swarming the city everyday (me: NYC)– you’ll see kids dressed like this all the time. I completely buy that not changing just because they’re superheroes.

  8. Mike: It’s a interesting concept but I don’t dig the glasses on supergirl.I can’t imagineher having poor vision, the glasses will fly off the second she makes a hard turn while flying, heat vision is out, and even the most expensive glasses won’t stand up to a punch from Darkseid.

    ^This, as well as several other things, like their choice of shoes and Robin’s lack of belt/weapon/cape/anything else other than the ‘R’, makes me think this should have been filed under ‘Off Duty’. These outfits look more casual to me than built for action.
    Why has ‘teenage hero’ become synonymous with ‘obnoxious hipster’ in so many redesigns? I find it especially hard to match this type of fashion to Robin and Supergirl (the latest redesign you featured was far more inventive and more in keeping with Kara’s character)… and what I can see of Batgirl is making me cringe.

  9. Alexi – lil’Green Arrow Boy and Aqua Sea Monkey Lad I’m guessing

    Observation, most of the girls are showing a lot of skin and not one proper mask.

  10. Why do you look at these and think “obnoxious hipster”? That’s a very important question, considering so many of the outfits aren’t really very different from what they normally wear.

  11. Alexi: Anyone know who the green-hooded and the spiky-haired pale guy in the back are?

    The hooded one maybe is a Speedy? The pale one looks like his name should be “Eduardo”, but with those ears, Beast Boy?

  12. As a bonafide “obnoxious hipster,” I can safely say that no hipster would be caught dead wearing Robin’s jacket or sunglasses. I also think the lightning bolts on Kid Flash’s bike shorts (perfect choice) are enough, and the shoulder symbol is unnecessary.

    That said, these designs are amazing. I wanna read this book and see full body shots of everyone, especially that Batgirl.

  13. Robin is great, although I do miss the wings/cape a little because of its utility. I like the civvies look for Supergirl too, but the glasses scream hipster in a really bad way. Wonder Girl would be better if she wasn’t baring her midriff, but then I guess that wouldn’t be much of a change from mainstream Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl outfits? Impulse (?) looks good, I guess, but I feel like it doesn’t have a strong connection to (the tights-wearing) The Flash aesthetic, something that I feel is kind of necessary for a character in that family. Maybe this World’s Flash doesn’t wear tights? Superboy is perfect. Period. Miss Martian is out of focus, but I like what they did there, especially if you consider that while everyone else is in “civvies-spandex”, the alien who grew up elsewhere is the only one rocking a full-on cape.

    Beyond that, it’s hard to see. I guess that’s Batgirl in the middle there? If so, she needs ears. Sorry, bats must have ears. The large purple goggles/whatever are interesting though. Maybe just throw some ears on top of her hair like Catwoman used to do, or maybe an aviator-cap look like modern Catwoman? I kind of like the idea of Catwoman’s aesthetic cross-pollinating into the Bat-family’s ladies. The other two characters are just faces and indistinguishable.

  14. I really love the street clothes look. It seems odd to say, for someone who grew up loving superheroes, but I’m starting to not like seeing them in tights anymore. It just seems dated to me, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I can definitely still appreciate the look, and for a select few heroes I wouldn’t have them any other way; namely Superman and Spider-Man. But overall, I think modern works better than traditional.

    That being said, I love Supergirl’s glasses. The glasses along with the baggier top are a pretty cute combination. She looks like a modern day teenager, someone that actual teen girls could relate to, and there is nothing wrong with that. The glasses may not be practical for fighting in, but she’s not fighting all the time.

    Kid Flash, Robin, and Superboy all look great for the most part. The rest are just kind of meh. Why does Wonder Girl look like she’s been hanging out with The Pro?

  15. …Anyone else feel that Superboy is feeling mildly awkward surrounded by hipsters (especially Supergirl, who is being super-hipster by wearing glasses even though she has the BEST VISION ON EARTH).

  16. A good, fun makeover. I quite like the idea that Supergirl would hide her identity by taking her glasses OFF. Robin’s good. Also – and I admit this is going to sound incredibly sexist – but if you were a shape changer like Miss Martian, wouldn’t you give yourself a bit more, erm, va-va-voom?

  17. Not if you don’t find it attractive. Plus, few women I know are really that happy being top heavy. Apparently boobs are kind of a hassle

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