P:R Approved: Batgirl Beyond by Annie Wu

Note: Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your eyeballs to this stellar new DC Comics cover image by Rooftop Regular Annie Wu, featuring a brand-spanking new Batgirl Beyond, she designed. Congrats to Annie on bringing her A-game, mega shway, superhero redesign skills to Neo-Gotham! – Dean Trippe 

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  1. I like it. Save for the cape. I’d love to see a more compact and sleeker variation on the cape that Terry has with his Batman suit. Otherwise it’s practical, sleek, and stands apart from McGinnis’ costume.

  2. While I really like the design, there’s nothing terribly “beyond” about it. It looks like a cool costume for a modern day batgirl, nothing besides the background images really cry “future” to me though.

    But as I said I do like the design itself, very badass without going totally astray from the role’s roots.

  3. I can’t seem to get around it. It just seems from the posture, facial expression and/or angle that Batgirl looks more like Batboy. But hey, if she’s supposed to be very tomboy-ish, I’m okay with that.

    I’m with DanD on the ‘not-so-futuristic’ look of the costume. I see that the artist pulled a little inspiration from DC’s 853rd century Batman design with the bat wings extending to the shoulders.

    I do really like the background and foreground though!

  4. Is that Max?

    I like this interpretation – Barbara was always kicking butt on a tighter budget than Bats & Rob; I think this reflects that nicely.
    Plus, I dig those subtle nods to Nightwing. Very nice.

  5. Getting the Beyond futuristic style nailed down’s tough; look at the McGinnis suit. There is nothing bar the cognitive-dissonance-inducing mouth bit, and arguably the floating utility belt, to indicate on first glance that it’s an incredibly advanced combat suit; it’s about paring elements away until there’s a shape, and a symbol.

    What I’m getting at, in a pretty longwinded way, is that I agree with Felix and Dan. This is a helluva drawing, but it doesn’t speak of a Beyond universe Batgirl to me. This could be a current-era outfit quite easily. Then again, maybe that’s what’s going to set this Batgirl apart. Look at how she’s posed, look at the expression and the blood flecks. She looks like she just beat the psuedoliving shit out of a dozen killbots with nothing but her squishy human self and two bits of wood. That is hardcore.

    I love the bat-symbol extending over the shoulders as armour; though I think there could be more done with it, it’s absolutely rife with possibilities (having the cape retract and deploy into it immediately springs to mind). I’m always happy to see Batgirl cowls where her hair isn’t all over the place (lethally impractical in a fight, annihilates the already dubious disguise value of the hood), so props for that. The thigh holster breaks up the shape nicely, and I love me some asymmetry in character design forever, but seems out-of-place at Beyond’s level of technology. The cut of the cape is really the only thing I truly dislike about the piece at this point.

    Why can’t I devour Annie Wu’s brain and gain her powers. Is that how this works.

  6. Looks to me like she is maybe the spiritual (or literal) decendent of Nightwing. Maybe her costume looks less futuristic because it is. Nightwing’s selection of gear always showed his smaller budget and that could be true for her too. Also the beat-sticks.

  7. While the costume is certainly good, I have to agree with DanD. There’s nothing about it that says it’s a product of the Beyond universe. I think I’ll have to wait to read the comic to see how it plays into the story before I begin to pass judgement on it. After all, it may be completely appropriate for this version of Batgirl’s story.

    Since we’re on this subject, my favorite part about the Batman Beyond cartoon was how it did such a fantastic job of creating its own universe, unique from Bruce Wayne’s Batman. I think we actually ever saw only a handful of the old Batman’s villains show up, and I feel like the comic series so far has focused way too much on bringing a lot of the old bad guys and other elements back. While it’s definitely cool to see the Beyond version of everyone’s favorite characters, I think it mostly hurts what the cartoon worked so hard to build.

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