P:R Approved: Jordan Gibson’s Mon-El!

Note: Every day P:R gets a submission for a redesigned Superman; when they’re great, we post them. But we’re much more impressed when a artist takes on a more challenging and less-obvious character and knocks it out of the park. Jordan Gibson has done that by taking on DC’s Mon-El. Mon-El (or whatever you call him) has a great history in the DCU that is overlooked by many, but Gibson here has taken that and made a great design that makes Mon-El super without trying to be Superman. – Chris A.

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  1. I love the cut of the tunic, it’s alien and futuristic and the green/blue boots and cape really work with the red costume. The gold S really pops. This is a very well put together design. I would read this book.

  2. I’ve been a pretty huge fan of Mon-El ever since I read about him in “Superman: Mon-El Vol. 1,” and particularly loved his costume design there.

    I think his shirt and shorts are really great and the original, and I’m still a fan of them here, but the logo/emblem seems off to me. Mon-El is not Superman, and the circular clasps on his chest (much akin to Thor’s) were a much stronger identifier of the character.

  3. I find the fact that he kept the manties kind of charming, but I’m torn on how they affect the legs. The jacketed top (which I really do like so much) mixed with the underoos and the red tights makes the legs look twiggy, plus it would get lost in long shots. The all gold crest is a nice touch that fits well with that gold colored belt. The lighter blue for the cape and boots were a good choice. He looks related to Superman without being more of the same. I’m impressed

  4. The only thing I don’t like about this is the way the trunks work with the tunic, it makes it look like the character is wearing a shirt and no pants, and that’s pretty weird.

    Everything else about this is excellent though, the color scheme is great and I really like the S-shield here, it’s not often that you see it in just one color, but here it really helps to connect and simultaneously maintain a distance from Superman.

  5. Mon-El is perhaps my second favorite DC Character of all time and has been since I was in grade school. I am very particular about his uniform and look.

    I do not hate this.

    (If you knew me personally you’d know that’s the Barking Alien equivalent of hugging you).

  6. I’m not familiar with this character, but this design is nice and clean. It’s much more regal/formal than Superman’s usual garb, and more modern than what Mon-el’s current outfit is (at least according to a Google search). My only issue here is with his pants: you have kind of the exact same problem with the redesigned outfit Supes currently wears, only the items are reversed. Since you have that big batch of black/navy blue in his crotch, and nowhere else, it draws the eye directly to it. I think if you used the same lighter blue on his shorts, it would help alleviate the problem.

  7. This is a very good piece, with enough significant changes to make it qualify as an actual redesign, while still keeping the character’s overall look intact. I’ll echo what has already been said about the darker tone shorts (I agree with Erin, a paler blue and it would look less in-your-face), but aside from that, this is very nice :) I too am quite unfamiliar with the character, and seeing this look in a comic may well inspire me to read it.

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