Fan-Art Friday: Beast!

Note: Oh my stars and garters, P:R Faithful… the talent has come out in force for Fan-Art Friday: Beast. From first-time submitters to former P:R contest winners and P:R regulars, we have over 60 different artists’ submissions for long-time X-man Hank McCoy. Whether you like your Beast blue and furry or in his classic look, this post is a smorgasbord of fun. Feast on this Beast art! – Chris Arrant

Tyler Parker

Elijah D. Richardson Jr.

Tarun Padmakumar

Tyler Hostettler

Matthew Bartlett

John Ariosa

Anthony Diecidue

Don Edwards

Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River”

Rick Vo

Ben Allen

Matt Harding

Joe Lozano

Joe Lozano

Joe Lozano

Adam Goudelock

Mike Dimayuga

Máximo Ariel Barbona

William Hodge

Dimitrios Kasdaglis

Dimitrios Kasdaglis


Abhirup Mozumdar

Ransom Getty

Mick Bouschor

Ramon Villalobos

Graham Frassinelli

Sherwin Viray

Les van Eck

John Murray

Randy Bishop

Andy MacDonald

Tom Kelly

Ricardo Rubio Sánchez

Seb Threemileisland

Watson Bradshaw

Matthew Palizay

Peter Bloem

Ashira Goldberg

Nix Yeap

Jacob De Jesus

Steven Taylor

Nathan Stockman

Nathan Stockman

Sam Teckman

Wayne Harris

Andy Bennett

Manuel Aguilera

Barush Díaz

Beck Kramer

Seth Bright

James Westbrooks

Antonio Cunha

Nate Michael

Jerry Ma

Martin Prickett

Alejandro Bruzzese

Chris Brownett

Peter Foglesong

Eric Bennett

Thomas Fummo

Derick Runtz

Jingo M. de la Rosa

Edward Kauffmann

Shaun Riaz

Mario González

Jeff Harris

John Cantrell

27 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: Beast!”
  1. At least two of us put wolverine claws! Marvel (mr.Bendis)should think about it.(The beast could be a grandson of Logan)

    Ramon Villalobo’s is outstanding.

  2. Very cool entries. Thanks for posting mine!

    Personal favorites, in no particular order:
    Randy Bishop
    Nathan Michael
    Peter Foglesong

  3. Some great ones here. Missed my chance to do mine.
    Alejandro Bruzzese’s my favourite. It’s sort of what I had thought of doing but immensely better than anything I could’ve drawn. And much better dressed too.

  4. Great turnout. Absolutely love the submissions by Andy McDonald, Beck Kramer and Anthony Diecedue. Lots of scholarly Beast this week.

  5. Holy crap. I’ve been a lurker around the site for a while now, and that is definitely one of the best selections of Fan Art Friday contributions I’ve seen. Impossible to pick a favorite. Great work everyone!

  6. A lot of cool entries, but I don’t understand the artists that decided to go full Ape with Beast. At that point, why would he have been named Beast, why not something like “Simian” or “The Ape”.

  7. Lots of amazing work here, but once again Alejandro Bruzzese takes home the big slice of cake. I love the amount of Hank McCoy character that comes through even in so radical a reinterpretation.

  8. I got nervous when I had to scroll down so far, but I’m so glad I got placed next to so many awesome designs!
    (my monitor must have been buggy when I colored mine, it’s way darker than I remember. Oh well!)

  9. Great job everyone who participated, there’s some ridiculously good stuff here. I absolutely love Jerry Ma and Mario Gonzales’ pieces- so dynamic! Steven Taylor, also, seems to know his way around a pencil. Randy Bishop’s, though, is my personal favorite.

  10. Love the really interesting entries from John Ariosa and Wayne Harris! And I want to see John Murray’s animated series, too.

  11. Awesome! Well done, everybody- didn’t have time to get one done. A lot of these are awesome: Ransom Getty might be my favorite- I was hoping to see some old school versions without the hair. Also like ones by Anthony Diecidue, Don Edwards, Ha Huy Hoang, Andy MacDonald, and Nate Michael.

  12. Is it just me, or is the Beast by Kiriska wearing Warlock?
    I mean, his suit’s got the right colors, and some circuitry, so…am I reading too much into it?

  13. So many of these are so great, but I have to say Alejandro Bruzzese really captured the character in his version. He’s fast becoming one of my personal favorites regularly featured on P:R.

  14. Wow, some fantastic artwork featured here! My favourites in particular are John Ariosa, Alejandro Bruzzese, Andy MacDonald, Les Van Eck, Ramon Villalobos, Dimitrios Kasdaglis and Splendid River :)

  15. Just a lot of love for:
    Wayne Harris, Ramon Villalobos, Ransom Getty, Ha Huy Hoang . alejandro bruzzese! Nice work peoples! Everyone else did a great job too! Couldn’t get my shizz together to participate in this one, but next time for sure!

  16. Man, I love Beast. (Except for Cat-beast. Never liked him, never will. I think Ragnarocker nailed the problem – the more that Hank resembles one specific animal, the less he seems to warrant the name “Beast.” ) I’m sad I didn’t have time to play in this round. Folks really brought their A-game into this one. A few that I just flat-out love:

    Randy Bishop – This is my first pick, hands down. I want to see this Beast have all the adventures.

    Anthony Diecidue – Captures the current look (of which I’m a big fan) perfectly.

    Matt Harding – In this alternate future storyline, I want John Goodman performing the voice.

    Adam Goudelock – Great piece of art. Color, composition, and characterization, all nailed.

    Mike Dimayuga – I feel like your art should make John Romita Jr. very jealous. I get impressions of his style, but much cleaner and more dynamic.

    Dimitrios Kasdaglis – The second costume, with the leather coveralls and the plaid and the bowtie? Perfect.

    Ransom Getty – Just spectacular.

    Andy MacDonald – Of all the ape-like re-imaginings, this is my absolute favorite. The green is an unusual choice, but it really pops off the screen.

    Nate Michael – Another grand rendition of the current Beast. I think the subdued blue suits him.

    Jingo M. de la Rosa – I’m assuming this is “Dark Beast.” If so, I think it’s a great way of making him very distinct, as opposed to just “evil copy of Beast.”

  17. I like the claws on Beast, obviously Hank was experimenting with Logan’s blood and…well, you know…

    All are worth a gander, but I like Matthew Bartlett’s and Randy Bishop’s entrees they most. The monkey and ape versions disturb me for some reason, in a good way

  18. Man, I didn’t think they’d even use mine since I’m so young….I hope I get noticed a little more after college. I love everyone else designs and I’m happy and humble to be among them

  19. Awesome! Mine is up there! :D

    feels cool to be in such company, people really rocked this challenge!

    Mike Dimayuga’s one is totally my favorite, with Randy Bishop’s being close second.
    And Andy Bennet’s is disturbingly sexy…

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