Call For Submissions for Fan-Art Friday: Damian Wayne/Robin!

Note: He may have not been the first to carry the moniker of Robin, but he wore it like none other — and sneered in the process. In this installment of P:R’s Fan-Art Friday, we point your attention to DC’s Damien Wayne, Robin. Following his death in the recent New 52 continuity, it brought new attention to the character and how unique he was the pantheon of Robins to exist. But make no mistake…. this Fan-Art Friday isn’t a funeral or wake for Damien, but more a celebration. Artists of all stripes are encouraged to draw their rendition of Damian; the deadline for submissions is Wednesday, July 3 at 5pm Eastern time. Email them to us at with your full name, a link to your website/portfolio (if you have one). Make sure the images are under 1000 pixels wide, and are in either JPG, GIF or PNG formats. To get your mind rolling, here’s a piece by Jemma Salume featuring young master Wayne.– Chris A.

10 comments to “Call For Submissions for Fan-Art Friday: Damian Wayne/Robin!”
  1. Just FYI, you’ve got a cut-n-paste typo in there, encouraging artists of all stripes to “draw their rendition of Beast.” Unless, of course, you’d just like a ton of pics of Beast dressed up as Damien Wayne. :)

  2. I’ve got a Damian sketch laying around in my pile of sketches…. maybe I will do a few variations to submit … Excelsior!!!!

  3. I don’t care what anyone says, Dick and Damien were the best Batman and Robin ever, and their saga together was far too short lived. I stopped buying Batman & Robin when they rebooted. I’ll definitely try to submit for this. Hopefully the quality is better than my last submission…

  4. I want to redesign but can’t bring myself to try and improve on that perfect costume. It suits him so well and is a great update of the original Robin costume. Still going to give it a blast though. :D

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