“Green Lantern: Emerald Ensemble” Winners!

Note: Seeing all these Green Lanterns come into the P:R inbox these past few months for Green Lantern: Emerald Ensemble has made me green with envy that these fabulous creations only exist in the minds of these artists and not in the pages of the DCU. Nevertheless, it’s great we can showcase the wonderful designs we’ve submitted. We had 147 artists submit pieces for this contest, with many doing multiple redesigns of various Green Lanterns. Our P:R staff along with guest judges Ron Marz and James White had a big challenge in navigating through all the designs of different characters, but we’ve come to a consensus and have our winners. I want to personally thank the judges and the artists for taking the time to make this P:R contest great. Without further adieu, the winners! – Chris Arrant

First Place Winner: Lee Chen Fang!

Lee Chen Fang
Score: 86.5 out of 100

Rachel: 10. This is EVERYTHING I want from a Green Lantern uniform. It’s character specific, but with elements that could carry recognizably across different GLs and costumes. Not only is it clearly a green lantern costume, it makes direct use of the power ring. It’s a little silly, again in a way that totally fits the character–if there’s anyone whose appearance should immediately evoke The Warriors, it’s Guy Gardner–and yet I can absolutely take it seriously as a Lantern suit.

I’d love is to see how Lee would extend those principles to a few other Lanterns–especially one who dressed more traditionally–but this is brilliant.

Vito: 7. Again, you have to divorce the design as if it were an individual redesign (here, for Guy Gardner) and imagine it on the other GLs. And where it loses that ability is in the top. From the belt down (and the belt is almost Guy’s Yellow Lantern era belt), it looks like a uniform…a football uniform, but it’s still something that all the Corps could wear. Nevermind the fact that Guy used to be a gym teacher and athlete; it could work on all of them. But from the top up? It’s almost too Guy. But it’s a strong piece. Very strong. I like too much of it to score lower, but I can’t see it on anyone but Guy.

Jon: 10. I love this. Any one of these designs would not only just work for Guy Gardner, but each one also resolves a piece of his storied history (by which I mean “All the Nineties-things they did to him”) by filtering it through the Green Lantern lens. Incredibly fun, very smart, even if it’s very specific to a single Green Lantern. It’d be great if every member of the Corps got to have their own unique look – what if the only “uniform” that was mandatory in the Corps was the ring and the color scheme, and then the rest of the outfit reflected the character’s history and personality? It’d be fun to investigate.

James: 10. This is just bonkers in all the right ways. This screams “It’s a re-design, so lets rock!” I’m a heavy metal guy and this is just the right kind of funny. Love the badass biker vest, all those weird energy tattoos, and whatever that oddball WWF wrestler shoulder pad get-up is. So much fun. If I were 12 years old I’d be all about this design. Fantastic. I like the illustration style too.

Jess: 10. I’m trying not to give it a high score just because it’s Guy and Guy is perfection, but one of the things I really disliked about Rebirth was that it took all the character growth Guy got in the 90s and turned him back into “that dude who’s not Hal.”  This is a Guy who knows who he is and where he comes from and is having fun with it.  It even makes the stupid Warrior-era tattoos look great, which is a remarkable feat.  And if any character would reject the idea of a uniform, it’d be this one.

Chris: 9.  While I agree with Vito’s statements that the GL designs need to have uniformity across the different characters, Guy Gardner’s the loose cannon that would modify his suit — he’s like a 90s Oakland Raiders fan. Lee Chen Fang’s design is focused exclusively on Guy Gardner here — it wouldn’t work for any other GL, or should it. But Lee gets the character, and gets the GL look and how to rebel against it.

Joel: 9. My only issue here is from the knees down. While the legs are clearly (and cleverly) meant to evoke football gear, the little lanterns on the shoes look so much like buckles that they combine with the socks/stockings to create a pilgrim-pants effect. Which, given the character, is extra-hilarious. Enough so that I want this costume adopted in continuity so we can see Guy’s reaction when he hears someone refer to him as “Little Lord Fauntleroy.”

Ron: 6.5. This strikes me as a less of a costume and more of a football uniform with Guy’s vest, and a pair of saddle shoes. It’s nicely drawn, and I really like the simple style, but the actual uniform leaves me cold.

Dean: 8. This is so Guy it hurts. I love the inclusion of his own symbol, which has been lost to the ages, and the layering effects look incredible. Great refs to the Warrior time, and there’s something weird about the glove design that I dig. Not completely sold on the football uniform pants and kneepads, but I really dig it.

Glen: 7. Happy to award Lee Chen Fang the Honorary Geoff Johns Award for Tying Up Random Bits of Ignoble History Into a Palatable Whole. And it’s so specific to Guy that I can’t look at it and imagine how this approach would extend to other Lanterns. I realize that’s only part of the challenge in my head, but I feel like I need to see SOME design element that can woven through the corps, and I don’t see it here.

Second Place Winner: Rose McClain!

Rose McClain
Score: 85 out of 100

Vito: 8. One of the things I dislike, in general, when it comes to the Green Lantern Corps is the fact that they are a military unit…and should dress like one…but no one ever gives the women the same outfit as the men (Katma Tui is the only one I can recall). And Arisa is the biggest offender. Thing is, with Rose’s design here, I can see the individual design for Arisa, but also, I can see how it could work for the male members of the Corps. Really a fan of those gloves and the ring logo itself. It’s a bit of a stretch, but I can see Hal wearing a variant of this.

Jon: 8. I really love the vibrancy of this design; it’s sporty, young, feminine and athletic, it suits the specific character really well but I could see these same shapes and colors working along the entire Corps in one form or the other, even with cut-outs (not always on the hips, necessarily). The entire torso has a great radiating line from the central insignia, it’s a solid design somewhere between personality and uniformity.

Joel: 8. Why should the Corps embrace uniformity? Isn’t the whole fun/point in the variation? This is a wonderful design for Arisia. The stripes and and angles and cutaways and the way it plays her skin tone in contrast to greens all speak to a specific personality. It’s fun, sporty, and little flashy. I don’t think that means we need to imagine Hal or Kilowog or Mogo in the same thing to justify it, any more than we would need to imagine them adopting the same (fun, sporty) hairstyle. I wish the boots felt as thoroughly considered as the top, however.

James: 9. I super dig this one, man. Sporty and compact, nice lines and very youthful. Not sure how it might look with other flesh tones, but the orange skin really brings it home. I can see this appealing to a younger audience, maybe on a cartoon or in a “Green Lantern Adventures” comic. A very happy design. Well done, Rose!

Jess: 10. I absolutely love this.  I see no reason why the women need to wear Hal’s uniform when John, Guy, and Kyle don’t, and this is perfect for Arisia: youthful without being childish (she’s currently wearing a costume she designed when she was 13, which…no), sporty and fun.  And as Jon points out, it’s easily adaptable to other characters with a few minor tweaks here and there.  DC should put Arisia in this suit immediately.

Chris: 9. A great design for a great member of the GLC. Rose’s piece has that core of uniformity while (assumedly) some unique variations the character herself is doing, sort of like the X-Men designs. I especially like the simplified Green Lantern logo as two horizontal lines and a circle.

Ron: 8. I like it, though some of the details are a little too busy for me, like the horizontal stripes on the boots and stripes on the shoulders. I also wonder why the costume has midriff cutouts, which feel more like a swimsuit to me. Nicely drawn and colored.

Rachel: 9. I’m not fond of the cutouts, but the design is balanced really well–color them in differently, and it’d be fine. As James wrote, Rose’s design immediately brings to mind a younger audience, or animation–and I’m with everyone who said they’d watch that show in a heartbeat.

Dean: 8. I am nuts about the clean lines and shapes here. Feels pretty fashionable to me. Great little nods to her classic uniform, but without all the skeevy-ness. Dig.

Glen: 8. There’s a bit too much going on, on the back especially, and the cutouts above the hips seem like a holdover from the “Eh, Put ‘Er In A Belly-Shirt” era of female superhero design. Dropping them would also serve to simplify and clean up the look. But I agree with what’s been said about how this outfit puts Arisia’s athleticism front-and-center.

Third Place Winner: Earl Carpenter III!

Earl Carpenter III
Score: 81 out of 100

Vito: 8. This is pretty specific to Soranik, again (she’s a doctor by trade, hence the lab coat), but I think there are some customizations that can be made that would be pretty interesting for other Corps members. The question, then, becomes, “Is the costume a manifestation of the ring or clothing they put on?” I like the idea of this being the latter, something worn during down time.

Jon: 7.5. I’m torn on whether I think this would work only as a medical scrub or whether it could work as general purpose – the scalpel and x-ray, in conjunction with the coat, say “surgeon”, but without those would this same outfit work as her adventuring togs? She’d be another superhero in a jacket, and there’s no shortage of those really, right?

James: 9. Mega points for that coat. Great lines, nice sleeves and that collar hooked me. Pardon my ignorance as I’m not familiar with Soranik’s character, but from a design standpoint this is a real nice departure from the other submissions. She might be a doctor, but this reminds me of a detective as well. Oozes intelligence. I dig it, man.

Jess: 9.  Absolutely love the coat.  I’d really like to see what the outfit looks like without it – when she’s relaxing or rolling up her sleeves for a fight – but it really broadcasts her intelligence and professionalism, which I adore.  Can we stop giving female characters pigeon toes, though?  It undercuts the whole polished look.

Chris: 9. Earl knows Soranik’s character. Bringing up her doctoral training and making that work as a Green Lantern design is something. Like Vito said, I see this as a variation on a base model GL costume that’s tailored to the skillset of the person. The GL arm strap is something special, and big kudos for the high turned up collar — a throwback to the past.

Joel: 8. It is nice to see a Green Lantern take the charge of protecting their sectors and frame it as something other than being a warrior. Assuming that is a jacket and not a long top and that it is meant to be removed, I’d like to see what the rest of her outfit looks like underneath it. The armband is a bit fussy, in my opinion, especially when placed on the same side as the torso emblem.

Ron: 8. She’s a doctor. She looks like a doctor. It’s simple and it makes sense.Maybe not great for a superhero slug fest, but definitely works for the character.

Rachel: 8. Solid and straightforward. I love the coat and am trying really hard not to take points off for what’s going on with her feet. As with Lee’s Guy Gardner, I’d like to see more variations on this motif for other characters, as well as what’s going on under the coat (if it’s a coat and not a tunic).

Dean: 7.5. Space Doctor Lantern looks rad to me. I think I’m a little tired of white in GL designs, but it’s hard to argue with how much it makes sense for this character. Maybe if it’d gone harder towards that thinking I’d be more into it.

Glen: 7. Again, I love this as Soranik costuming, but less so as GL design. Hard for me to imagine the central motif that threads through different looks.

28 comments to ““Green Lantern: Emerald Ensemble” Winners!”
  1. All three of these are great and considering I’m just now reading all of the Blackest Night stuff I can “get” how these all fit the characters. Fantastic!

  2. I was feeling the love for the Guy Gardner design set, glancing back over, intuiting animated transitions and whatnot … until I noticed his feet. Ugh! Knee-high socks and dressy sports shoes?! No no no.

    Otherwise, yes yes yes. Nice job.

  3. Either or McClain or Fangs designs could have one, both are superb. I’m not a fan of Guys socks though! but suits the character well methinks. The intricate design of his chest tattoo is simply stunning.

  4. I’m really digging that Guy Gardner. Really stands out and unique, but still keeps the characters’ feeling perfectly. The other 2 are great too, but they still seem a lot like the usual look of the Green Lanterns.

  5. All three of these are absolutely great. Love The Guy Gardner (though the green socks are killing me) and the Arisia and Soranik are perfect! These should be put in the comics asap!!

  6. I’m a big fan of the idea that the Lanterns shouldn’t be uniform. They should fit the culture of whatever civilization the Lantern comes from. I don’t buy the Corps as an intergalactic military force. They’re more like a police force in my eyes, and police have a LOT of different looks depending on function and region. The spiky football armor might be a bit much for Guy, but I support the idea on the principle that I want to see more unique costumes for the Lanterns. The suit is a construct of the ring, so let the ringbearer be the one who makes it, and let it be a point to inform us on the character. I’d especially like to see more “costumes” that look like “ordinary” clothes or, on the other end of the spectrum, transparent constructs. I don’t like the idea of every Green Lantern running around the galaxy in that strange impossible spandex-type look.

  7. Love the winning entry (minus the widely unpopular saddle shoes, of course.) Kicking myself somewhat, because I had a similar GG design in mind, as a total bro with the green energy tats, but I’m not kicking myself too hard, as it wasn’t nearly as fully formed an idea as what Lee put down here.

    As for the other two, sadly, I’m not really a big GL reader, so I can safely say that I have no idea who they are. I can say that both design-wise and art-wise I find them nicely done. I just can’t say how “fitting” they are.

  8. All Green Lanterns should wear kneepads and green socks, it looks awesome. Definite worthy of Project Rooftop standards.

  9. As a long time green lantern reader I just want to say this: the traditional (hal jordan’s) costume is the rookie uniform, after the training the lantern earns the symbol on the chest, after that each lantern can personalize their uniform

    PD: sorry if my english is horrible, I’m from Argentina and speak spanish.

  10. Very cool designs. I’ll be interested in seeing the runners-up to see all the different directions people took.

  11. I love these pieces.. I actually saw the Guy Gardner on Deviant art a few weeks ago. Congrats to the winners, you guys did an awesome job!!!! 3 of my favorite GL characters. I can’t wait to see all of the other submissions!!!

  12. So ridiculous, those three Guys looks like the Green Lantern corps’ answer to the Village People. There’s a biker, a Native American and a football player! Where’s the cowboy. ;)

    Absolutely Brilliant.

  13. I don’t understand, so he wears three outfits? Does he have to take off the leather vest so that he can I illuminate his body art or does the vest turn into the tattoo and if so why doesn’t the vest look like a hologram? I’m not being critical, I’m just trying to wrap my head around what I’m seeing.

    Great selection regardless.

  14. SNoRKeL: As a long time green lantern reader I just want to say this: the traditional (hal jordan’s) costume is the rookie uniform, after the training the lantern earns the symbol on the chest, after that each lantern can personalize their uniform

    I think that’s a modern explanation to touch on why SOME Lanterns occasionally have pretty different costumes, like Guy’s unusual vest. But even so, most are still very similar to the core design that Hal debuted with. Even alien species who would have drastically different cultural standards for clothing generally wear very similar suits for their costume. I’d love to see some massive divergence like the tattoos and football armor above. The possibilities are basically limitless.

  15. Even after reading the judges’ comments, I don’t understand the appeal of the winning submission. The other two are great, though, especially McClain’s. Her art style probably has some influence on that; it reminds me very much of early Kevin Maguire.

  16. The hologram tattoos are a brilliant idea. Very different and I would definitely like to see it used for a lantern in the books, either on Guy or an alien GL. Can’t say the same for Guy’s spiked look, though. I can’t help but be reminded of the 90’s WWF tag team The Road Warriors. I dig that the female lanterns are getting a little love too- great designs. Congrats to the winners.I’m anxious to see the other submissions.

  17. Second and third place are very very good and I can actually see those costumes being worn by these characters in the current Green Lantern comic but what the heck were you thinking with 1st place, that’s just plain silly? To each his own I guess.

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  19. Thanks for honouring me as the 1st place winner!
    Scoring is really close. Guy’s ass could have been whooped by either of the ladies! haha
    It seems Guy’s design is rather controversial. Thanks for all the constructive feedbacks! :)
    To clarification the 3 images for Guy:
    1st image shows Guy in normal state.
    The objective of the 2nd image is to illustrate how the tattoo looks like beneath his clothing. If he power-up, his tattoo will glow beneath his clothing.
    3rd image is to show off his manifestation. Manifestation changes as he please.
    Didn’t have time to create another image to how his Vuldarian blood alter his physical look. If not it could really have been the Village People as Sergio Kada mentioned. haha Imagine Guy’s hand morphing into a giant cannon shooting green lantern energy projectile.

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