P:R Approved: Eric Guzman’s Mash-Ups Of Avengers & Justice League!

Note: Eric Guzman‘s back at P:R, and we’re showing off his great Amalgam style mash-ups of Marvel and DC heroes. The Thor/Captain Marvel mash-up reigns supreme, and the Ms. Amazon fits together almost impeccably with Wonder Woman’s current outfit. – Chris A.


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  1. I like all 3 but I think if SuperCap ditched his cape he’d look better. And at least a domino mask or something. The other 2 are really cool though!

  2. I’m blown away by the first two. I mean, ….wow. I honestly don’t believe I have words to say how cool I find them.

    “Captain Krypton” is a little harder for me. Also because if you go with CK (not, not Clark Kent); having an S on his chest doesn’t make a ton of sense….also, I see where the mashup occurs, but I can’t help but feel it’s a redesign of Captain America in a cape with Supermans head and cape. It’s likely this is caused, for me, by the color scheme of the two participants being nearly identical. Where the others you can blend colors, this is…just rearranging/recreating elements. I almost feel as if to do this justice (hah, justice…) you need to consider adding a new element/color to the outfit. Whether it’s black from the Doomsday era Supes or something entirely unrelated…I’m not sure.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like it…I just feel compared to the other two (which I cannot rave enough about) it sort of falls flat for me.

    But overall; great job! And just stunningly beautiful illustrations!

  3. @Dedpool – If you look at his DeviantArt page ( http://ericguzman.deviantart.com ), he’s done a whole “Spiderbat” series, as well as a Captain Krypton series. Not shown here are:

    Ms. Marvel / Supergirl
    Red Skull / Darkseid
    Braniac / Arnim Zola

    Deathstroke / Deadpool
    Wolverine / Creeper

    Spider-Man / Batman
    Daredevil / Nightwing
    Joker / Green Goblin
    Doctor Octopus / Mr. Freeze
    Bane / Venom
    Mysterio / Riddler
    Scorpion / Poison Ivy
    Scarecrow / Vulture
    Deadshot / Kraven

  4. Pretty much every other combo you can think of is already up (a few pages back) on his blog. Dig a little deeper folks. Especially if you dig Eric’s work, there is some killer stuff in there! The link is in the initial post.

  5. My problem with the Wonder Woman one is that, with the black hair, it isn’t really a mashup, it just looks like a WW design. A very good one, but really needs to be blond to make you realise that it’s supposed to be something other than what we expect. The sash alone isn’t enough to say “Ms. Marvel” to me.

  6. I was kind of hoping for a Vision/Martian Manhunter, but you can’t have it all. The others look awesome!

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