P:R Redesign: Ben Hatke’s Supergirl!

Note: Supergirl is one of those cult-favorite characters that is more than just a female derivative of her more popular Superman counterpart, but someone who’s never quite had a comic series to match it. Artist Ben Hatke has given us not one but two great Supergirl redesigns; one showing a costume that would work great inside existing DCU continuity, and another more kid-oriented design showing spunk and imagination. Look below the art to read Hatke’s ideas for if he had the chance to do a Supergirl series. – Chris A.

Here’s Hatke’s ideas:

There’s one in every family.

Kara Zor-El was the daughter of Jor-El’s wealthy-yet-disreputable brother, making her the cousin of the infant Kal-El. On Krypton, Kara was doted on and spoiled, and she loved nothing better than sneaking into places where she wasn’t supposed to go.

That’s why she was in Jor-El’s laboratory on Krypton’s last day, watching her father and his brother, the eminent scientist and the sleazy politician, having their last fraternal argument. To avoid being caught, she hid herself in a prototype ship, a ship very much like the one she watched her little cousin being placed inside. And as the tremors began, Kara fell against the control panel activating the prototype ship’s launch sequence.

Due to the mysterious tricks of space travel, relativity and stasis, Kara’s ship arrived on earth 25 years behind Kal-El’s ship.

If I were writing a Supergirl miniseries it would begin with Clark Kent being about 25, a young superhero just starting his career, when suddenly he finds himself responsible for a very spoiled, very powerful 9-year-old.

Since she doesn’t arrive on earth as an infant, Kara would start out being much more of an alien, and having a harder time adjusting to life on Earth. And due to the mysterious tricks of Kryptonian biology, her powers develop much more quickly, but to a lesser extent than Superman’s.

The series would cover 10 years, up to the point when Kara is 19 and Clark is 35. It would end with the arrival of Brainiac, which threatens the whole Earth, and is the impetus for Kara to finally learn the self-sacrifice that marks a true hero.

5 comments to “P:R Redesign: Ben Hatke’s Supergirl!”
  1. It’s a really fun concept. I give high marks for that. And the 9-year old Kara fits this story perfectly. Not really enthused about the older Supergirl look, though. I like the yellow shield against the blue, but otherwise it’s a little flat and shapeless. One of the more unique elements on the young Supergirl design is the studded belt, but the older Supergirl lacks any sort of character flourish. Not saying that the studded belt should be what carries over, but she needs something extra, in my opinion.

  2. I love the concepts for the story. You totally see spoiled on her face. lol
    I agree that the older design seems less fleshed out visually.

    As for your story why not just pull a fifty shades of grey? Rename the characters and use what you have. If’s so far from what DC’s doing now it wouldn’t matter.
    It’s also smarter and more interesting.

    Great promise here.

  3. I’m with Manuel on this one. Change out the copyrighted stuff and press forward with this. It’s different enough that you can have some fun with this

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