P:R Approved: Jamie McKelvie’s Loki!

Note: Loki’s all grown up (again) in Marvel Comics, and he couldn’t have done it better — or more beautifully — than with this new design by Jamie McKelvie. McKelvie’s design, which premiered in the most recent issue of Young Avengers, bridges the gap between the original Jack Kirby Loki design and his recent adolescent design that’s been in Marvel Comics’ the past few years. Not only does McKelvie create a great visual, but I applaud him for thinking through the design’s layers and its functionality. – Chris A.

Here’s what McKelvie said about the design:

My thinking was as follows: It would be very, very silly not to channel some of the movie Loki into the new approach. He’s wildly popular. With that in mind, I took inspiration from his outfits in the movies, but took it in a more bohemian, swashbuckling, youthful direction. The other touchstone I kept in mind was Paul Bettany’s Chaucer from Knight’s Tale, which you can see in the coat especially. I wanted him to have a little of that swagger.

A full helmet doesn’t work with this design, so instead he has a headpiece that mimics the silhouette.

I chose scalemail, because, well, isn’t it a bit snakelike? And of course I had to bring back the black nail varnish.

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  1. I realize the Horns and Fur Collar are Classic Loki Design elements, but I’m not a fan of them on a more heroic Loki. Not everyone is a fan of Thor losing his head gear, but I think when he’s not in battle he shouldn’t wear it. That line of logic would work well for Loki. Overall the design is good

  2. I really like this new outfit a lot, and I definitely respect McKelvie’s thought process in creating it. It’s a very well-balanced look with all the right details in all the right places. Although the headpiece above looks fine, I’d like to see this design with an alternate, larger version.

  3. There is literally no way this design could be better. I never thought someone would be able to make Loki’s dorky antlers work, but he did it.

  4. Love the coat, ambivalent about the headpiece, hate the nail polish. Not because Loki’s male, but because there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it.

    (Yes, I know it first showed up in the Siege: Loki one shot. No reason for it there, either).

    Then again, the only non-Goth I’ve ever known who had black fingernails was a pretentious snob, so I may be a little biased….

  5. Love this look. Headpiece is cool, but not necesarry. That said in ceremonial situations it should definitely be worn. I really love the coat and rest of the look. But now as Loki is older is he going to stay heroic or become a trikster again?

  6. What is that armor made out of? Dragon scales and molded plastic? Makes me think of tLotR elven armor even more that Thor movie usually…
    Would look really great IRL, though

    Looks extreme comfortable.

    Those Gauntlets…

    The whole thing is way to sexy for mainstream comics.

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