P:R Approved: Claire Hummel’s Victorian Circus Harley Quinn & Joker!

Note: A redesign with something more — and I’m not just talking awesomeness. Claire Hummel sent this to us last week and I’ve been bursting at the seams to show our P:R readers this stunning piece. In this decadent illustration, Claire has taken Harley and Mr. J square into what she calls “Victorian circus ephemera.” Long-time P:R readers might remember her previous venture with Harley into Victorian wardrobe, but this one takes that idea and fleshes it out into a three-ring spectacle. Most superhero characters couldn’t get away with a Victorian-era revamp in current continuity, but Harley Quinn and Mr. J? Definitely. – Chris A.


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  1. This really is beautiful. From the perfectly designed costumes (I really love Joker’s boots most of all), to the ring of fire, and the hyenas, and the other members of Batman’s rogues gallery listed as attractions, and the layout in general, it’s an all-around perfectly executed concept. Excellent job, Claire.

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