P:R Approved: Karl Heitmueller Jr.’s Superheroes ala Ben Cooper Costumes!

Note: You have to be of a certain age to get this particular collection, but if you are it’ll hit like a ton of bricks. Artist Karl Heitmueller Jr. has taken the iconic Ben Cooper superhero Halloween costumes and put them on the actual heroes they represent. Some are a mixture of various iterations of the hero’s Ben Cooper gear, while others are all from the classic. While I wouldn’t recommend actual heroes going out in these get-ups, these hit just the right amount of fun, nostalgia, and great illustration skill to make it a shoe-in for a P:R post. – Chris A.


8 comments to “P:R Approved: Karl Heitmueller Jr.’s Superheroes ala Ben Cooper Costumes!”
  1. Some, if not all of these, are exact duplicates of the actual Ben Cooper costume designs. However, that’s not to underplay the artist’s incredible talent and execution here. This is a really great project idea, and just the sort of gem I enjoy coming across when I’m surfing DeviantART or Google images. I think my favorite details are the heroes’ names written across their outfits (or the catchphrase on Superman’s torso), as if their emblems weren’t enough to identify them, and Superman’s mask. Hopefully Spider-Man is never given a redesigned sleeveless costume in the comics…good lord.

  2. I completely love all of these, especially that Superman, at a glance he could have been an alternate universe Supes, the same could be said for Wonder Woman.

  3. That Spider-Man cracks me up. I distinctly remember as a kid seeing that costume and thinking “What the hell is that? That’s not Spidey! That’s some cheap Spidey knock-off! I’d never wear that!”

    Thus was the little nerd snob in me born.

  4. I had and wore that Batman costume until it fell apart. I never understood why it had “Batman” printed on the suit and mask. My younger cousin used to come to my house, tie a towel around his neck, put that Batman mask on, and declare himself to be SUPERMAN! The 6 year old me would try to explain that it was a Batman mask to no avail.

  5. This article is a wonderful treat! As it happens, my girlfriend and I wore homemade Ben Cooper outfits for Halloween last year! She was Wonder Woman, based on the classic 1976 Cooper design, and together we created and designed an original Charlie Brown suit. Our masks were store-bought craft masks, heavily modified to resemble our characters. The material we used was far lighter and softer than the original vinyl for comfort reasons, but had a plastic-like sheen. I’m gushing, I know but I’m still very proud of the work we did, and seeing the beautiful artwork above makes me glad to know we’re not the only ones to still appreciate these childhood treasures.

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