P:R Approved: Jamie McKelvie’s Ms. Marvel!

Note: After winning over the comics world at-large with his excellent design for Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel last spring, Jamie McKelvie is at it again with another Marvel — Ms. Marvel. Taking queues from the original Dave Cockrum design as well as McKelvie’s aforementioned Captain Marvel design, he’s made a design that befits the name AND the character of fangirl-turned-superhero Kamala Khan. I especially dig the designs at the ends of her scarf. – Chris A.

3 comments to “P:R Approved: Jamie McKelvie’s Ms. Marvel!”
  1. It might just be the scarf, but it looks like the outfit takes cues from Pakistani clothing as well. Wonderfully great design though, McKelvie really knows how to take key parts of a character’s life/personality/inspiration and reflect them in an outfit. I really wish more people would use his “themed clothing” idea for Miss America.

  2. That’s a neat little costume. I’m not at all familiar with this version of the character, but if it’s a more down-to-earth version of Ms. Marvel, then it certainly works as intended.

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