Movie Makeover: Rejected Costumes for 2010’s “Amazing Spider-Man” Film!

Note: Each Spider-Man film has tinkered with the look and feel of the titular character’s wardrobe, and the art studio FilmPaint recently released four never-before-seen designs for Spider-Man that were in the running but ultimately rejected for the 2010 Amazing Spider-Man film by director Marc Webb. Each of these four designs has something to like, and you’ll notice that each pushes Spider-Man down a more sci-fi bent and has no qualms about playing with the key tenants of Spider-Man such as his eye pieces. What do you like about them? – Chris Arrant


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  1. #1: looks like Petey would need an Allen wrench to get in and out of the suit. That’s a strike against, I think, because his suit is typically depicted as being made of fabric that is comfortable to wear under his street clothes. I like the mix of textures, however.

    #2: I love the underarm webs–very classy. I don’t love how subtle the chest-spider is. It leaves the color scheme and overall design looking too generic in my opinion.

    #3 & 4: Am I paying too little attention? I don’t see differences between these two. I like the narrow goggles IF there’s a practical reason for the choice. I think they might reduce his ability to see so there has to be some offsetting purpose. I don’t like the shape of the briefs area. The codpiece is too prominent and it looks like the buttocks are framed, which is a good name for a romance mystery novel but not a good look for the webslinger.

  2. They should have shown this before the movie came out, because compared to these, the movie suit actually does look like something that could have been made by a high school kid with limited resources.

    Anyway, not necessarily ugly, but totally off the mark for a Spider-Man origin movie, or at least for the one we got in 2012.

  3. These are interesting designs. Greg is right the third and fourth (labeled 2 & 4) I believe are the same design. Not that it matters though because all of these designs suffer from weird detailing and bizarre material composition. They almost look like the New 52 paneled amour combined with a sort of Iron Man style and shine. These are not very Spider-Man.

  4. I like how 2’s is a take on the black uniform from secret wars and venom’s chest piece. I still would like an explanation on where he’d get the material to make these but it’s cool to see the thought process.

  5. I came around to the design of the suit they used in the movie. Originally, I hated the busy design of the blue in the gloves and the red on the legs, but it totally works in the film, especially if you think of him piecing the suit together from various athletic gear. I was even a quite disappointed when they made the suit almost exactly like the Raimi suits for the sequel. Come on, they could have made it a little different: keep the web texture from the first film, go with the circle-spider on the back, add in some of those busy details I didn’t like.

    Anyway, some of these would be interesting alternate suits, particularly for comics or a video game, but I can’t see them justified in a film setting. Unless we see Peter befriend Tony Stark and he helps him make a red/blue Iron Spider variant. I really don’t see what they were thinking here. The squinty eyes on that one looks WAY too sinister too. I would say even the design they went with was a little too sinister looking, but that’s just crazy. Honestly, the only part of any of these I really like is the armpit webbing. I would have LOVED to see the armpit webbing appear. Sure it might have complicated things a bit, since the material is a cheat that wouldn’t work like that in the real world, but they could have done it. After all, Doctor Manhattan was CG for the entire film, Superman’s cape was CG for much of the film, they totally could have given Spidey some CG webs in his armpits.

  6. The underarm webbing on the second suit is the only detail I care for here. I already felt that the costume chosen for the movie was overly complicated at the time (although it has grown on me somewhat since), so these concepts are pretty unbearable. I’m glad the designers went the direction they did, and I’m even happier they’re going back to Spidey’s classic look for the sequel.

  7. I don’t care for any of them really. The costume for the sequel looks amazing, it’s too bad they’re going with Ultimate(st) Electro and Mecha-Rhino for the villains.

  8. First off, I’ll say I’m glad they went with the one they used in the film. All the extra lines and details actually paid, I feel, when you see spidey in action: they all work to highlight his wirey frame and speed. Plus, I agree, it really did make it look home-made: stitched and hotglued pieces of various swimsuits and running suits, posssibly?
    Of these three, I dislike the second one least. The eyes are good and the underarm webbing is a nice touch. The actual spider-logo and how it works into the rest of the pattern is actually quite a good idea: the thing that lets it all down is the ultra-smooth texture. Looks way too much like armour plating.

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