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  1. These are fantastic!! Especially like the punk touches on Roy and Kon-El!!

    The one thing that stands out to me is the lack of any bat-related characters! Any justification or reasoning behind that?

    Loving the new site design guys!

  2. I LOVE THIS. I love the diversity. I love Milagro Reyes. I love that Troia is slightly chubby and that Starfire is built like a teenager.

    My only complaints have nothing to do with the designs. I hate the name “Troia,” and no Titans team is complete without a member of the Bat-family. Not saying it has to be Dick Grayson or Tim Drake…heck, I’d love a Stephanie Brown Robin…but there should be SOMEONE.

    But those are super nit-picky fan complaints. This is awesome.

  3. Yeah, these are all really nice.

    Also, speaking of redesigns… Nice job, Project Rooftop! Mostly digging it. Now I know why everything went quiet over the holidays (of course, I figure the holidays themselves had something to do with it).

  4. Everyone’s asking about robin, but I kinda like how he’s not in here. My favorite thing about this is that out of every teen titans fan redesign that has ever been made, this is the most inventive in terms of roster. I have never seen jericho on a redesign even though he’s pretty cool.

  5. For those crying foul over a lack of a Bat-Family member, I have seen a version of this collection where Tim Drake as the Boy Wonder is present — and, strangely enough, the collection I saw was missing some characters such as Impulse and Jericho. Hmmm… Perhaps someone should do some digging on just who the originals of these belong to.

    But enough about that, let’s admire the designs! These are all really fresh and interesting takes on the characters. Not my personal favorite iterations — the DCAU has spoiled me for life — but it takes courage and creativity to envision a classic character into something new!

  6. I would f*** with this so much if it was real.

    This is why this website is the best and worst btw, reminding us how good it could be, but also how bad it really is.

  7. Love the new site design!

    These are great. Find a robin and I’d buy this series in a minute.

    As a side to the previous comment: I live on Peniston St. in New Orleans- never saw that name elsewhere!

  8. Smh at all these “where’s Robin” complaints- considering Robin and the bat-brand are so highly visible and so over-represented, it’s refreshing to see updated takes on these characters.

  9. I really like these: they have great energy and character. My favourite redesigns from the bunch are Raven, Bumblebee, Speedy, Starfire and Green Lantern.
    I disagree about the bat-family though: I find any team without one of them refreshing.

  10. Awesome! Not sure about the lighter red/pink on BB, but awesome none the less. I kind a don’t like Super Boy in the vest though. Too 90’s for me. My favorites Cyborg, Bumblebee, and Speedy.

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