Batgirl Begins Again

batgirl_begins_again_banner_revYes, Rooftop Readers, the time has come to go back to the beginning.

February 28th will mark Project: Rooftop’s eighth anniversary. Following the absolutely insane response to the Draw Batgirl Meme in 2006, sparked by a blog post from the incredible Andi Watson, and fueled by original Batgirl redesigns by me and my friend Jamie Dee Galey, I pulled together some of my comics pals to create a venue to share, discuss, and celebrate the very specific art of redesigning superhero costumes. Here, we have tried to promote the idea that superhero costume redesigns require a particular set of skills and and demand thoughtful consideration. We found allies. We made an impact.

Since our inception, many of our artists have become top names in the superhero redesign game. Many of them were well on their way to superstar status (or had already achieved it), but here at Project: Rooftop, we’re proud to claim as contributors Ming Doyle, Joe Quinones, Kris Anka, Annie Wu, Stuart Immonen, Jamie McKelvie, and so many others who have made significant impacts in the world of mainstream superhero costuming and design. Superhero costume redesigns have become more frequent, more discussed, and more regularly credited, during our eight year tenure as the self-appointed high priests of superhero fashion.

Looking back on the original Draw Batgirl Meme, followed quickly by Draw Supergirl, Draw Green Lantern, Draw Superboy, and others that never had quite the zeitgeist, lightning-in-a-bottle nature of their predecessor, it’s easy to see why Batgirl attracted so many more designers. In modern continuity, the Batgirl most of us know, Barbara Gordon, was the first character to appropriate the iconography of Batman for herself, making it her own, without permission or apology. Like Batman, Batgirl is a hero without superpowers, but hardly without power. Her crimefighting skills and determined will are forces that defeat fictional villains and inspire real readers.

But there have been many Batgirls, of course. Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff’s original Bat-Girl, Betty Kane, was the sidekick of the first Batwoman. Cassandra Cain took up the mantle in an Alex Maleev designed costume in 1999, and became a fan favorite in the hands of her co-creators, Kelley Puckett and Damion Scott. In 2009, former Spoiler and Robin, Stephanie Brown, threw on a Lee Garbett designed cape as the Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle created character took on her third costumed alias.

And there have been so many others, in various other worlds and short stories, and that’s not even taking all the Batwomen into account. Basically, to create a Batgirl, you need a girl and you need a bat-symbol. The thousand-plus permutations seen in just the first week of Draw Batgirl attested to that. For this contest, we are allowing ALL CONCEPTS. No restrictions. Redesign any of the previous Batgirls or create your own! Girl + Bat = Batgirl. The top entries will be judged and featured here on the site.

As usual, check our guidelines, include your name and website, and send your art as an attachment in .jpg, .png, or .gif format to

PLEASE FORMAT THE FILE NAME AS “artist-name-character.format” as this will save me a ton of time renaming your files.

And for eight years of making Project: Rooftop one of the most well regarded outlets for awesome art and whopping levels of talent, I’d like to extend a sincere thanks to our co-founder Chris Arrant and our contributors Vito Delsante, Joel Priddy, Jon Morris, Rachel Eddidin, Jessica Plummer, and Glen Weldon. Thank you all so very much.

Thanks also to every designer out there who has sent us their art, linked to our events, and visited our little art party over the years. It’s an honor for all of us to offer this space. I love comics and superheroes, and of everything I’ve done in my career to promote the medium and genre that literally saved my life, Project: Rooftop is one of the things I’m most proud of helping create.

And that’s enough self-back-patting to last us a couple more years. You’ve got one month. Get drawing! –Dean

Entries for Batgirl Begins Again must be received by February 28th, 2014.

Contest logo designed by Paul Milligan and Dean Trippe.

16 comments to “Batgirl Begins Again”
  1. Whelp, time to get to work. I already have two silly ideas (little girl using Batman’s cowl ears to control him like in Ratatouille and little girl riding a bat while screaming “Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na” for echolocation), but I want a serious/conventional idea before starting, am fairly busy, and am pretty bad at drawing, so someone please steal them.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this.

    I’m sure there will be lots of great entries for this one.
    Hopefully mine will be among them.

    Two questions:
    Are there limits to how many entries are allowed per artist; and just for clarification (I’m not particularly bright) an example of how the file name should be formatted (“shaun-riaz-batgirl.jpg”) ?

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  4. Does the character design have to be of someone who is currently Batgirl? Or can it be, say, a grown-up Spoiler?

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