M.S. Corley’s Villains of Gotham

Joker_F Freeze_F Ivy_F Scarecrow_F
Designer and artist M.S. Corley has been posting his redesigns of some Batman adversaries recently, and each has a rather distinctive, new thought I haven’t seen before in association with these characters. Cool exploration of concepts here. I especially dig Scarecrow’s birdlike medical mask and the Joker’s over-the-shoulders straight jacket look. Killer class. –Dean

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  1. Wow, I’m really impressed with these. I mean, REALLY impressed.

    …I would absolutely pick up a run of Batman comics based around this art style. And for the record, I’m not currently doing so.

    …I’ll avoid any unnecessary commentary about Pamela, although I admit, it’s difficult to do so. Suffice to say that I like her design very much.

  2. My favourites of the bunch are Poison Ivy (for the full throttle plant imagery which works perfectly) and Scarecrow (for the mask and hints of steampunk).
    I like Joker, although I do very much miss the days when he used boxer-glove guns and trick buzzers instead of just… knives.

  3. The layers added to these really are great. The straight jacket for Joker, the coat and scarf for Freeze, the flytrap for Ivy, and the mask for Scarecrow give each of them a unique appearance. They may not look how I’d care for them to look in continuity, but you’ve got to love the way artists reinterpret classic characters like this. Who wants to see the same depiction every time? Excellent job here.

  4. I agree – Ivy’s venus flytrap outfit works perfectly. And any time a plague doctor can be used in context with a character gets my thumbs up!

  5. Straitjacket on Joker? Inspired choice.

    Okay, I understand the scarf and coat on Freeze thematically, but logically it doesn’t really make sense. Unless it’s what he was wearing when his wife fell ill, or something.

    Mmm, dat’s some good Ivy.

  6. These are fabulous. I would love to pick out one in particular but they are all so inspired and original. Great marriage of simple ideas with the right level of detail and imagination.

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